Residential ArchitectureApartmentsRetrofuturist Condo by Adrian Chan Design & Research Office

Retrofuturist Condo by Adrian Chan Design & Research Office

Retrofuturist Condo by Adrian Chan Design & Research Office

Project: Retrofuturist Condo
Interior Design: Adrian Chan Design & Research Office (ADRO)
Location: Hong Kong
Size: 1,265 sq.ft
Completed 2021

Located at the Mid-Levels, Hong Kong’s most cosmopolitan district, this 3-bedroom apartment was designed with respect to its cultural and geographical context: an expansive front-facing view of Victoria Harbour, the original inspiration behind the Cyberpunk genre, and a rear-facing view of the rolling hills of The Peak. As such, we applied a retro-futuristic language expressed through geometric forms and curated objects, while simultaneously drawing on naturalistic elements and textures reflected by its location.

dining area, Adrian Chan Design & Research Office

Originally intended for a family of 4, the apartment was reconfigured to suit the lifestyle of the owner who is a young professional. Children’s rooms were reprogrammed as walk-in closet space and meditation and media chambers. Curvaceous cabinetry ensured that the owner’s massive collections of artifacts, stamps and memorabilia were well stored while enabling streamlined circulation throughout the space.

Retrofuturist Condo by Adrian Chan Design & Research Office

bedroom, Adrian Chan Design & Research Office

Retrofuturist Condo by Adrian Chan Design & Research Office

bathroom, Adrian Chan Design & Research Office

floor plan

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