Revelry Restaurant was Designed by Heliotrope for Lively and Noisy Festivities

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Revelry was Designed by Heliotrope for Lively and Noisy Festivities

Architects: Heliotrope Architects
Project: Revelry
Location: Portland, Oregon, United States
Mural artist: Blaine Fontana
Building Area: 1300 sf
Completion: 2016
Photography: Aaron Leitz

Revelry’s maxim is ’epic eats/bangin’ beats’ which is the embodiment of an ownership team comprised of Rachel Yang & Seif Chirchi’s Relay Restaurant Group (Seattle’s Joule, Revel & Trove) and Eric (DJ Evil One) & Karen Bowler, Owners of Portland’s Tube/Fortune and Founding Partners of The Music Trust.

Revelry was Designed by Heliotrope for Lively and Noisy Festivities 1

With the focus on celebrating a dynamic set of program functions: dining, drinking, music and retail, Heliotrope’s charge was to design a playful, lively space, set inside the historically charming (and challenging) Salvation Army Industrial Home Building located in Southeast Portland. The Revelry Restaurant shares a direct connection with its’ mountain sports retailer neighbor, evo, and exploits the rough and raw patina of the original structure it sits within.

Revelry was Designed by Heliotrope for Lively and Noisy Festivities 2

For Revelry, their first restaurant outside of Seattle, Yang and Chirchi partnered with Eric and Karen Bowler, owners of popular Portland lounges Fortune and Tube. As the name implies, a meal at Revelry is similar to one at Revel—only the fun can be turned up a notch and continue late into the night if desired. The restaurant’s celebratory atmosphere includes curated playlists and live DJs spinning records. In addition to classic Revel dishes such as Kimchi pancake with pork belly and Dungeness crab with seaweed noodles, Revelry offers small, shareable snacks—perfect for a long night spent lingering over cocktails and good music.

Revelry was Designed by Heliotrope for Lively and Noisy Festivities 3

Revelry was Designed by Heliotrope for Lively and Noisy Festivities 4

bar by Heliotrope

Revelry was Designed by Heliotrope for Lively and Noisy Festivities 6

retail design by Heliotrope

Revelry was Designed by Heliotrope for Lively and Noisy Festivities 8

interior decoration, Heliotrope

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