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Roof Apartment in Istanbul / Escapefromsofa

Roof Apartment

Designed by Escapefromsofa, a design studio established in Istanbul in 2009, this roof apartment is located at Cihangir one of Istanbul’s most lively neighbourhood.

The flat is 41 sqm space which is built like a Swiss knife, it has all the functions well hidden through the cabinets, that are mostly foldable or sliding. The minimalist design approach created in the structure is well blended with midcentury furnishings and wooden textures that creates a welcoming atmosphere It is encircled by a 21 sqm terrace looking up on the magnificent İstanbul view. Photography: Ibrahim Ozbunar

Roof Apartment 1

Roof Apartment 2

Roof Apartment 3

Roof Apartment 4

Roof Apartment 5

Roof Apartment 6

Roof Apartment 7

Roof Apartment 8

Roof Apartment 9

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