Rowhouse by S2 Architects: Modern Live / Work Rebuild in Aspen, Colorado

Rowhouse by S2 Architects

Architects: S2 Architects
Project: Rowhouse
Location: Aspen, Colorado, United States
Photography: Derek Skalko

Originally: Dated Rowhouse in the Airport Business Center on the boundary between a new residential neighborhood and an older commercial/industrial core, adjacent to the local airport, 2 levels + storage loft (approximately 1100 SF)

Rowhouse by S2 Architects 1

Intent: Create a highly functional, low-maintenance, live/work solution with a small footprint. We worked with our HOA and the Board of County Commissioners to gain approvals to expand all 12 units in the complex and create backyards, with the goal of bringing life to the back of the building.

Rowhouse by S2 Architects 2

Final product: 3 level, 1250 SF, modern, sophisticated box; completely reworked from the inside-out. The lower level, accessed through a separate door, is zoned commercial; perfect for our architecture and landscape design/build studio. Our children’s room is tucked behind a pivoting puzzle door on the lower level. Stairs lead to the main living and kitchen area on the second floor. Glass functionally divides spaces while preserving the feeling of light and transparency. Refined outdoor spaces allow the house to “live bigger” during warmer seasons. An expanded upper level master suite floats over the living room as a sandblasted glass box with striking silhouettes when lit at night. Systems include solar hot water panels on the roof, radiant heating, high efficiency windows and zero-maintenance exterior cladding.

Rowhouse by S2 Architects 3

Rowhouse by S2 Architects 5

Rowhouse by S2 Architects 6

Rowhouse by S2 Architects 7

Rowhouse by S2 Architects 8

Rowhouse by S2 Architects 9

Rowhouse by S2 Architects 10

Rowhouse by S2 Architects 10

Rowhouse by S2 Architects 11

Rowhouse by S2 Architects 13

Rowhouse by S2 Architects 14

Rowhouse by S2 Architects 15

Rowhouse by S2 Architects 17

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