Architecture and Interior Design StudiosFivedotSeward Park Backyard Cottage, Seattle by Fivedot

Seward Park Backyard Cottage, Seattle by Fivedot

Seward Park Backyard Cottage, Seattle by Fivedot

Project: Seward Park Backyard Cottage
Architecture: Fivedot
Contractor: Hanson Construction
Structural Engineer: Equilibria
Photographer: Cleary O’Farrell
Text and photos: Courtesy of Fivedot

Fivedot recently completed the Seward Park Backyard Cottage in Seattle, Washington. This backyard detached accessory dwelling unit (DADU) is the new home for a couple who are downsizing in order to be closer to their children and grandchildren.

kitchen, Fivedot

Located in the backyard of their children’s home, this cottage opens up to the backyard on the main floor and to the expansive view on the upper floor. Carefully placed openings and an exposed ceiling allow the smaller space to feel bigger than it is. Custom floating stairs allow for a writing desk to nestle in below the treads.

Seward Park Backyard Cottage, Seattle by Fivedot

living room, Fivedot

stairs, Fivedot

Seward Park Backyard Cottage, Seattle by Fivedot

bedroom, Fivedot

Seward Park Backyard Cottage, Seattle by Fivedot

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