Sky High Duplex Apartment by Moriq Studio

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Sky High Duplex Apartment by Moriq Studio in the Indian town of Hyderabad

Sky High Duplex Apartment was set out in the Indian town of Hyderabad, by Moriq Studio. The client desired that the interior of the house would be classical-inspired and opulent at the same time, characterized by a great attention to detail and sculptures. Thus, you can easily spot the various-patterned floor, the tall doors, and the vertical treatment of the walls, the bright light spots and the blend of classic and modern furniture.

Sky High Duplex Apartment by Moriq Studio

The interior is “organized”, in most part, with a classical tone. If the private areas are kept in a modern note, the social area shows a tendency towards an eclectic design, through combining furniture and architectural elements specific to India, with classical and modern furnishing. The pendants contribute to a more warm and relaxed atmosphere. The chromatics is dominated by earthy colors, which gives sobriety to the residence. The furniture is characterized by geometrical diversity, where the straight lines are noticeable, more specific to classical styling, complimented by the lush, round geometry of the Indian traditional shapes. Enjoy the photos!

Sky High Duplex Apartment

Sky High Duplex Apartment interior design

Duplex Apartment in the Indian town of Hyderabad

Duplex Apartment by Moriq Studio interior design

Duplex Apartment by Moriq Studio - terrace

Duplex Apartment by Moriq Studio - bedroom design

Duplex Apartment by Moriq Studio - bedroom

Duplex Apartment in the Indian town of Hyderabad - bedroom

Duplex Apartment by Moriq Studio in the Indian town of Hyderabad - bathroom

Duplex Apartment by Moriq Studio- bathroom

Apartment by Moriq Studio in the Indian town of Hyderabad - bathroom design

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