Residential ArchitectureApartmentsApartment in Vanchiglia District, Turin / PlaC Architecture

Apartment in Vanchiglia District, Turin / PlaC Architecture

Apartment in Vanchiglia District, Turin / PlaC Architecture

Project: Apartment in Vanchiglia District
Architects: PlaC Architecture
Location: Turin, Italy
Year: 2019
Area: 110 mq
Photo Credits: Luis Aniceto

This apartment is located in an early 1900s residential building in the heart of the Vanchiglia district in Turin and is the home of a young Italian/Argentinian couple.

The apartment had been uninhabited for many years, the original plan was composed by a large entrance corridor that divided in half the space, on both sides you could find the living room, a kitchen, two bedrooms and small and narrow bathroom.

Apartment in Vanchiglia District, Turin / PlaC Architecture

The new layout was designed as to keep all the services spaces such as: entrance, storage room, two bathrooms, kitchen and bookshelf in central unit, by doing so the living room and bedroom gained as much floor area as possible.

kitchen, PlaC Architecture

The project was realized for a young professional that carries out some of her business from home, and for this precise reason the entrance is separated from the studio and acts both as waiting room as well as distribution space.

dining area, living room, PlaC Architecture

To grant future rearrangements the wall separating the entrance from the technical corridor was realized in drywall, allowing it to be removed without heavy work, and by doing so connecting the two bedrooms. Another key point of the project was natural lighting. In order to allow natural light in the central part of the unit, the fixtures along the perimetrical walls never touch the ceiling, the portion left is closed by a glass partition. By doing so natural light passes from the south facing living room, to the inner spaces of the home.

living room, PlaC Architecture

The apartment was conceived as a continue unicum, and for this specific reason full light doors were installed, granting a sense of continuity to the spaces.

The distributive subdivision of the hosted functions is strengthened by the flooring materials.

Apartment in Vanchiglia District, Turin / PlaC Architecture

For the central strip of services, it has been decided to use a cement-based resin in contrast with the aligned parquet flooring of the living area and bedrooms. The kitchen, on the other hand, has a grit floor —original from the house, recovered, smoothed and rested— from which the colors used for the interior furnishings have been sampled.

bedroom, PlaC Architecture

bathroom, PlaC Architecture

shower, PlaC Architecture

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