Coastal style

The White Tower House by DOS Architects

The White Tower House by DOS Architects

The White Tower house is located in Gagliano del Capo, a quiet village in the heart of Salento, the southernmost region of Apulia that stretches at the “heel of Italian boot” in south-eastern Italy.

Coastal Style Apartment in Sopot, Poland

Coastal Style Apartment in Sopot, Poland

The coastal style apartment occupies the whole floor of the building and its windows face the 4 sides of the world. The circular living room is the center of the house, where the whole family meets and where we can relax with the sound of the waves and warm by the fireplace.

Bay Head Beach Bungalow by Chango & Co / New Jersey

Bay Head Beach Bungalow is a summer house completed by New York – based Chango & Co for a young family. Description by Chango: A few weekends after finalizing the purchase of the beach house they’d been dreaming of, a young couple watched as Hurricane Sandy stormed the coastline of New England and narrowed its gaze

Cape Cod Guest House by Evolve

Cape Cod Guest House is an interior design project conceived by Evolve. The house is located on Cape Cod, a peninsula in eastern Massachusetts, USA. Evolve is a young and energetic residential design firm with headquarters in Boston. Photography by Sean Litchfield

East Hampton Beach Cottage by Chango & Co

Project: East Hampton Beach Cottage Architects: Chango & Co Location: East Hampton, New York Photography: Ball & Albanese East Hampton Beach Cottage interiors were designed by Chango & Co, a full-service New York interior design firm. Description by Chango: When we entered the house, we saw beyond the ochre walls, the olive drab interior and

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