Concrete Amsterdam

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The BoTree Hotel in London / Concrete

The BoTree, a new luxury hotel in London has opened its doors to guests on September 15. The five-star hotel’s design is an ode to the essence of Marylebone life, offering guests a unique fusion of luxury and neighborhood charm.

Happyhappyjoyjoy Restaurant is Inspired by the Hectic Streets of Asia

Dutch studio Concrete has recently completed the Amsterdam based restaurant Happyhappyjoyjoy, a cheerful collection of colors and typical Asian flavors. The turbulent streets, rich flavors and bright colors of Asia, typical for cities like Bangkok, Saigon and Hong Kong, come together in Amsterdam. This playful design, organized eclectic chaos is inspired by the typical Asian

Zoku Hotel Brings a New Concept of Hotel Room

Zoku is a new hotel brand brought to life by Hans Meyer, the founder of CitizenM, and Marc Jongerious, which come to a new concept regarding the idea of a hotel room. The first Zoku Hotel is built right at this moment in Amsterdam, after a project made by Concrete Studio. The project is due this

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