Zoku Paris – a New Type of Hotel for Business Travellers

Zoku Paris - a New Type of Hotel for Business Travellers

Project: Zoku Paris
Designer: concrete
Concrete team: rob wagemans, murk wymenga, marlou spierts,
alain fernandez del rey, amandine marot, sofie ruytenberg, joan doyer
Concept development: zoku in collaboration with concrete
Project development: Covivio (FR)
Architect building: PCA architecture (FR)
Completed: April 2023
Location: 48 Avenue de la Porte de Clichy – 75017 Paris – France
Total gross area : 5200 m2
No of rooms: 109
Photography: Ewout Huibers

Concrete is thrilled to announce the opening of a new location for Zoku, the award-winning hotel brand known for its innovative approach to hospitality and the future of work. With three locations already in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Vienna, the Zoku family now expands to Paris.

In collaboration with Zoku’s brand team, Concrete designed the interior design for all of the Zoku locations and is proud to have contributed to designing a new type of hotel that fosters interaction and a sense of community.

guest room

Zoku Paris – a new type of business hotel
Digital technology and the pandemic have completely changed the way we work. Now we work from our couches, from a coffee shop, on the road, alone, or with friends. The lines between work and private life are increasingly blurred as a new generation of professionals is looking for inspiring workplaces to meet like-minded people and share moments of collaboration. Zoku is exactly this: a new type of business hotel, also suitable for long stays, offering a relaxed place to live, co-work and socialize while wiring you into the local scene. Zoku is the beginning of your Parisian journey, an ideal location to get to know the city and to meet other expats or business travelers like you. Whether you need a cozy studio for a weekend getaway or a fully equipped apartment for a longer stay, Zoku Paris has got you covered.

Zoku Paris - a New Type of Hotel for Business Travellers

The location in the 17th arrondissement
The Clichy-Batignolles district in Paris’ 17th arrondissement is undergoing rapid change, thanks to the “Reinventing Paris” project, which challenged architects to reimagine the city. The winning design by PCA-STREAM is the Stream Building, a mixed-use hub that offers workspaces, accommodation, catering, and cultural activities in one location. This new and vibrant building is the perfect location for Zoku (situated on floors 6-8), since it is located directly across from the Tribunal de Paris in a lively business district. Mixing work with pleasure, it’s also nearby all the elements of an independent city: with shops, residences, office buildings, cultural spaces, and surrounding green areas. At Zoku, visitors can experience Paris like a local and connect with a community of like-minded people.

Zoku Paris - a New Type of Hotel for Business Travellers

The public spaces
The communal spaces are at the heart of Zoku Paris and they are accessible to both residents and locals. An open floor plan accommodates all of these Social Spaces on the 8th floor, with a large rooftop terrace, Living room, Kindred Spirits Bar, Living Kitchen Restaurant, Coworking Spaces, Game Room, a Cheese and Charcuterie Shop and much more.

Zoku Paris - a New Type of Hotel for Business Travellers

The rooftop terrace: a getaway from the city
Guests and locals enter Zoku on the 8th floor, on the top of the Stream Building, where they can admire breathtaking views of the city.

This oasis in the heart of the city allows guests to escape the hustle and bustle and connect with nature, while still enjoying all that Paris has to offer. Featuring an outdoor fireplace and cozy swings, the roof terrace provides all the elements to have a good time, all year and all day round.

public space

The Kindred Spirits Bar and Living Room
Upon entering Zoku, guests are greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere that is sure to put them at ease. The Kindred Spits Bar serves as the beating heart of the Social Spaces: it is where you can have a coffee, read the newspaper, work on your latest project, and mingle with both fellow travellers and locals alike.

The bar is surrounded by the Living Room, featuring a home-like interior with comfortable couches, carefully styled cabinets, and greenery. Various seating options are available to cater to everyone’s preference, whether they seek a moment of quiet or a chat. One of the walls of this room, the “Music Corner”, is decked with all sorts of musical instruments, like guitars and bongos, which invite guests to improvise a jam session. Next to the Living Room, visitors and guests can get some work done at long, oak-wood communal tables. For those in need of a private area, individual booths are situated nearby, providing a designated space for concentration or a video call.

living kitchen

The communal co-working area and the Game Room
As a home-office hybrid, Zoku offers plenty of working areas. It provides a workspace for remote workers that is both productive and inspiring: with its communal working area, individuals can work alongside others and feed off their energy and creativity, making it a less lonely experience.

In addition, the Game Room with the foosball table, TV, and Nintendo Switch, provides a fun way to take a break from work and connect with others. The custom-made escargot-themed carpet adds a unique and playful touch to the room, inspired by the French kid’s game.

Cheese and Charcuterie shop

Living Kitchen
The next room houses the Living Kitchen, an open kitchen where the chefs prepare delicious and healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s the place to enjoy a healthy and convenient meal, made with locally sourced ingredient, including vegetables from the rooftop garden. Gather around the long communal tables to share a meal with neighbors or locals, host intimate dinner parties, and connect with new people. Concrete gave the Living Kitchen a French twist, providing it with a rotisserie oven.

Meeting Rooms

Cheese and Charcuterie shop
The Oh Lá Lá Cheese and Charcuterie Shop is a new addition for Zoku. Here, all guests can browse through the local delicatessen and purchase an edible souvenir.

Meeting Rooms for rent and Event Space
Zoku provides two different meeting rooms, the Work is Not a Job Room and the Not a Bored Room. The first features a round table for up to 6 people, while the other one features a rectangular table for up to 8 people. Both rooms can be booked for half or full-day meetings. The Event Space is one of the biggest spaces, with 100 square meters and it can be arranged according to 7 different setups all overlooking the beautiful view of the Tribunal de Paris.

Meeting Rooms

The end of the traditional hotel room: the Zoku Loft
While in most traditional hotel rooms, the bed is placed at the center, the design by Concrete and Zoku takes a different approach: making the table the focal point. The bed is tucked away behind a wooden sliding door, so the bedroom can be easily transformed into a working environment. The Zoku Loft is home-like and can be adapted to different necessities: it’s the ideal place to meet with your business partners or invite friends over for a night of board games.

Zoku Paris - a New Type of Hotel for Business Travellers

Zoku has successfully blended the elements of Dutch rationalism, Scandinavian style, and Japanese simplicity to create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere for guests. This unique combination results in a space that feels like home, while still providing ample opportunity for guests to immerse themselves in the vibrant energy of the city.
Every element of the room is thoughtfully placed and designed, maximizing the spaciousness of the environment. The room is designed like a game of Tetris: the stairs can be opened or closed to fit seamlessly into the wall, and all the storage facilities are stacked on top of each other for maximum space. The Zoku Loft includes all the most important elements for a short or long stay: living room, kitchenette, bathroom, 4-person table, queen or king-sized bed, and custom artwork for that extra personal touch.

rooftop terrace

New room types: Zoku Studio & Zoku Apartment
Zoku Paris features seven different room types, catering to all sorts of necessities, including long and short-term stays.

The seven different types are the Zoku Loft (described above), the Zoku Loft XL, the Zoku Loft XXL, the Zoku Studio, the Zoku Apartment, the Zoku Room and The Zoku Movie Room. Two of different room types are new to Zoku Paris: the Zoku Apartment and the Zoku Studio. They were designed based on previous feedback from guests and in combination with the ideal extended-stay accommodation features. The Zoku Studio has the same amenities as the Loft but features a new layout: the bed is closer to the ground and the TV rotates between the bed and living room.

The Zoku Apartment features a separate bedroom that can be closed off with sliding doors, giving guests the experience of a home away from home for up to three people.

Zoku Paris - a New Type of Hotel for Business Travellers

Zoku Paris - a New Type of Hotel for Business Travellers

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