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The BoTree Hotel in London / Concrete

The BoTree, a new luxury hotel in London has opened its doors to guests on September 15

The BoTree Hotel in London / Concrete
The BoTree Hotel

Project: The BoTree Hotel
Designer: concrete Amsterdam
Location: 30 Marylebone Lane, Westminster, London, United Kingdom
Project Team: Rob Wagemans, Melanie Knüwer, Hilka Ackermann, Sylvie Meuffels, Daisy Koppendraaier, Susanne Schanz, Sofie Ruytenberg, Lisa Hassanzadeh, Max Mehl, Joan Doyer, Romy
Warnars, Stevie Wesdorp, Mark Haenen, Carlijn Stadig, Marlou Spierts, Amandine Marot, Jadranka Sic, Zsofia Muzsnai, Eva Stekelenburg, Vera Tamburlin, Andrea Weglarski
Executive Interior Designer: Orbit architects
Architectural Design: EPR architects
Total area / total floors 14.973m2 / 14 floors
Rooms 199 total, average room size of 24 m2
Suites 30, from 30 – 82 m2 (The Botree Suite)
Photo Credits: concrete

The BoTree, a new luxury hotel in London has opened its doors to guests on September 15. The five-star hotel’s design is an ode to the essence of Marylebone life, offering guests a unique fusion of luxury and neighborhood charm.

Concrete, the Amsterdam-based multidisciplinary design firm, worked with The BoTree’s team to design the interior for the hotel, including The BoTree Bar, the lobby, the 199-rooms and 30 Suites. The guestrooms feature custom-designed textiles and a diverse range of textures and materials, all crafted uniquely for the hotel by the creative team at Concrete.

guest room

The BoTree
The BoTree Hotel, located in the heart of London’s West End where Marylebone, Mayfair and Soho meet, has been designed to capture the spirit of the city’s “village” life and reflect the prestige of central London. Marylebone has been one of the most fashionable neighbourhoods in London since the 17th century. Many celebrities, then and now, have called it home: from Sherlock Holmes and Charles Dickens to the Beatles and Madonna. It is a residential area, but it is also famous for its independent shops, boutiques and Michelin-starred restaurants. It is a little enclave of quiet and charm, right at the edge of the bustling streets of West London.

The BoTree Hotel in London / Concrete

The hotel’s design evokes the luxurious but also neighborhood feeling that can be experienced by strolling around the farmers’ market or stopping at a little café on the weekend. The “Life on the Lane” is brought into the hotel, thanks to the thoughtful design that intuitively guides guests through a journey that extends the very essence of the street into the heart of the hotel. Marylebone is stylish and elegant yet different from other high-end districts because of its close-knit community feeling. Stepping into the hotel, you become part of the Marylebone neighbourhood and its bohemian lifestyle.


The Rooms
Inspired by the fashion-forward, floral-infused lifestyle that defines Marylebone, the rooms at The BoTree unveil a luxurious and innovative design.
One of the most unique and surprising features of the rooms at The BoTree is the layout. Upon entering the room through the double doors, guests are immediately greeted by a luxurious and spacious dressing room, complete with marble finishes, mirrors and brass touches. This unexpected entrance creates a sense of excitement and anticipation, setting the tone for the rest of the room. The dressing room is the perfect place to get ready for a night out on the town, with ample storage space for your belongings and a beautifully designed vanity desk. The dressing room provides a transitional zone between the entrance and the bedroom, allowing guests to truly feel as though they are entering their own private sanctuary. This layout offers the flexibility to either seamlessly blend into the room, contributing to a spacious loft-like ambiance, or to ensure enhanced privacy and intimacy through the use of translucent sliding doors.

The BoTree Hotel in London / Concrete

The bedroom itself is designed to be a cocoon, with a cozy sofa situated in the bay window that invites guests to relax and take in the stunning views. This arrangement not only adds comfort but also frames the view beautifully.

guest room

Every room features a custom-designed headboard with a flower design, inspired by the flower displays that can be found outside of many specialty shops in Marylebone. The intricate headboard design is elevated by the use of weaving jacquard techniques. What distinguishes these headboards is the meticulous weaving technique employed, which imparts a subtle 3D-like effect with a pleasing tactile quality. Several different designs give each room a unique identity, making each stay a new and exciting experience.
The bedroom encompasses ribbed wood and fluted glass features, creating a harmonious blend of natural textures and contemporary design elements.


The Suites
The Suites embrace a unique theme, inspired by both flowers and fashion. They have a walk-in cabinet which gives the allure of window shopping. Adorned with designs inspired by luxury boutiques, this space allows you to curate your outfit in an ambiance reminiscent of your favorite high-end stores. A generously-sized dressing area with a large sofa sets the stage for your preparations, while a chic makeup station ensures perfect lighting for the finishing touches. The suite offers versatility, with interconnected areas that can be unified into one expansive loft-style room or discreetly sectioned off with sliding panels. The Suites also feature more spacious bathrooms with signature bathtubs and an expanded minibar.
From the Junior Suite to the One Bedroom Suite, Two Bedroom Suite, and The BoTree Suite, each bears a unique character while maintaining the hotel’s signature blend of sophistication and comfort.

bathroom The BoTree Suite offers a spacious living area thoughtfully situated at the building’s corner, ensuring guests enjoy the most breathtaking views from a private balcony. The ceiling of the living room is elegantly adorned with artificial silk flowers, which infuse the space with a captivating and enchanting ambiance.


The BoTree Hotel in London / Concrete

The BoTree Hotel in London / Concrete

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