Concrete Amsterdam

Concrete makes a difference. concrete thrives by redefining what’s come before. We’ve developed new categories in hotels and restaurants, retail, even pharmacies. We believe that change happens in unexpected moments. It also appears when cultures and concepts collide, which is why we love to work internationally. Doing something new doesn’t have to be difficult. Often, it’s about following your intuition and simplifying, a process that strips a concept down to its essence.

concrete believes that functionality has no style. Our philosophy is no philosophy. Instead, we reinvent ourselves, adapting according to every project’s needs. After all, what works in one country or client doesn’t work for another. Our goal is to create aesthetically pleasing buildings and interiors that work, that function. Put another way, we create commercially applied functional art (though we’re not artists.) And you can see this attitude throughout our process, from the presentation to the bricks to the guest experience.

concrete welcomes clients who are as ambitious as we are. concrete are picky. We don’t say “yes” to every project. We don’t repurpose past work (even if you ask nicely). We don’t take shortcuts in materials or ambition. Rather, we build spaces that serve people. Interiors that aid interaction, that are useful, pleasurable, unique, sustainable and fit for purpose. In other words, spaces designed for humans–not watercoolers.

LOCATION: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

dining area, kitchen

A New Cottage Prototype by Concrete

Concrete and Center Parcs embarked on a journey to redefine the holiday experience. Center Parcs, renowned for its family-friendly holiday parks in the heart of nature, aimed to enhance its offerings for a broader audience.

guest room

The BoTree Hotel in London / Concrete

The BoTree, a new luxury hotel in London has opened its doors to guests on September 15. The five-star hotel’s design is an ode to the essence of Marylebone life, offering guests a unique fusion of luxury and neighborhood charm.

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