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House in Pogodno - Loft Kolasiński

House in Pogodno 3 / Loft Kolasiński

Interior design: Loft Kolasiński Project: House in Pogodno 3 Photo credit: Karolina Bak Date: 2017 Location: Szczecin, Poland Area: 150 sq meter The ” House in Pogodno 3 ” project included revitalization of a house from the 30s in Szczecin, Poland, interior design and partly furniture design. The house, with an area of 150 sq meter,

Safe Cabinet

Safe Cabinet – Inspired by Mechanical Bank Vaults

Traditionally mechanical bank vaults are beautifully designed and engineered. However their function demands that their mechanisms are concealed. Designed by Scott Jarvie, the Safe Cabinet explores the semiotic cues associated with our perception of value. Inspired by the whimsy and fantasy of popular culture the Safe Cabinet aspires to be an object of value as well

Hole Collection by Susanna Mandelli / Rexa Design

The Italian designer Susanna Mandelli has designed the Hole Collection for Rexa Design. Description by Rexa: This collection is born from the idea to revisit the concept of the well, old guardian of the water, in contemporary way. Over counter and freestanding washbasins in white Korakril have cylindrical shape with contrasting black color inside; the

Ruff Pouf inspired by the ruffles worn around the neck during the Elizabethan era

Sara Romero and Mariano Vallejo Bustamante López- Aguado studied architecture at the Schools of Architecture in Barcelona and Valladolid, Spain. Sara also studied architecture at the Facoltà di Architettura della Scuola della Sapienza, at the University of Rome in Italy, and Mariano studied a Masters in Design and Restoration of Architectural Structures at the School

Rosa Chair – Poltrona with Acoustics

Rosa Chair is designed by Studio KMJ and is inspired by the rose flowers. Description by Studio KMJ: Whether you are listening to music or reading a book the “Rosa” poltrona (poltrona = armchairs in italian language) keeps one shielded with its acoustic absorbing foam and fabric. The shape of the ROSA chair is inspired

Modular storage concept – Play Play Pattern

Play Play Collection is a series of modular furniture designed for The Steyl in collaboration with designer Renee Rossouw. Description by The Steyl: Play Play Pattern is is a modular storage concept made from Birch Plywood finished in natural oil and is the result of a design collaboration with pattern designer Renee Rossouw of RR

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