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House in Pogodno 3 / Loft Kolasiński

House in Pogodno - Loft Kolasiński

Interior design: Loft Kolasiński
Project: House in Pogodno 3
Photo credit: Karolina Bak
Date: 2017
Location: Szczecin, Poland
Area: 150 sq meter

The ” House in Pogodno 3 ” project included revitalization of a house from the 30s in Szczecin, Poland, interior design and partly furniture design. The house, with an area of 150 sq meter, was completed in 2017 by Loft Kolasiński.

From the architect: For the house we used furniture designed by Loft Kolasiński: kitchen table, chest of drawers, a set of three coffee tables, chaise lounge, bathroom dresser, wardrobe (dressing room). In addition, we used unique, vintage furniture, lighting and carpets from Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark and Italy, that had previously undergone renovation.

House in Pogodno - Loft Kolasiński 1

For decoration we used two movie posters by Ewa Bajek for Krzysztof Kieslowski’s films ‘Decalogue 3’ and ‘Decalogue 6’.

The greatest joy in the project brought using two armchairs from 1972 designed by the Czech architect Jan Bocan. The armchairs used to stand in the Embassy of Czechoslovakia in Stockholm and were never produced on a mass scale. The embassy building also designed by Jan Bocan.

House in Pogodno - Loft Kolasiński 3

Team description:
Studio “Loft Kolasiński” does interior designs for private and public spaces, as well as industrial design. For our clients we design and produce bespoken high quality, wooden furniture. We also do unique carpet designs which are hand woven in Nepal. We specialize in finding and acquiring exceptional furniture, lighting, ceramics, prints and vintage rugs. When we restore furniture, we pay special attention to preserve the original character of the object. We always try to cooperate with specialists in rare fields in order to be able to offer unique and customized interior projects. We have worked on many unusual properties, such as the adaptation of industrial buildings, attics and old houses.

House in Pogodno - Loft Kolasiński 5

House in Pogodno - Loft Kolasiński 4

House in Pogodno - Loft Kolasiński 6

House in Pogodno - Loft Kolasiński 7

House in Pogodno - Loft Kolasiński 9

House in Pogodno - Loft Kolasiński 11

House in Pogodno - Loft Kolasiński 21

House in Pogodno - Loft Kolasiński 15

House in Pogodno - Loft Kolasiński 18

House in Pogodno - Loft Kolasiński 21

House in Pogodno

House in Pogodno - Loft Kolasiński 23

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