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Lastfloor Kitchen 3

Lastfloor Kitchen by Saranin Artemy – Allartsdesign

So called project design small kitchen (226ft²) in Russia (Ural), from the studio ALLARTSDESIGN, designer Saranin Artemy. Lastfloor kitchen was built for himself and had to spend a lot of tests for the materials to realize this idea. Kitchen itself is located on the 10th floor, in the center of the city of Perm (Russia, the

Award-Winning South Florida Kitchen by Hausscape

South Florida – based kitchen design firm hausscape won the regional 1st prize in the Sub-Zero & Wolf Kitchen Design Contest for the second time in a row for this extraordinary design. The kitchen was designed by Luis and Laura Bebchik, hausscape co-founders, together with Reinier Boulart, hausscape’s senior designer, using a kitchen by the

Concrete Kitchen by Leicht – Designing with Concrete Surfaces

Concrete Kitchen is designed by the German company Leicht. Concrete, the classic material of discerning architecture, is now increasingly being used indoors. Concrete surfaces have a characteristic expression that is always entirely unique. Qualities that make this timeless material so precious for the design of individual kitchens. The designer’s presentation:  “Marble of the modern era” such is

Ocean Kitchen with Beautiful Large Aquarium for a Base

Dutch interior designer Robert Kolenik has created a stunning kitchen counter-top – Ocean Kitchen – that has a beautiful large aquarium for a base. The designer’s presentation: Absolute eye catcher in the board room, is the unique aquarium under the kitchen top which effortlessly lifts just with the press of a button. Apart from being a

Kitchen Cafe – Contemporary Design by Natalie Du Bois

Kitchen Cafe is an interior design project realized by the designer Natalie Du Bois, from Auckland, New Zealand. The designer’s description: Careful thought was put towards mixing colours and textures in this kitchen space. The mouth watering chocolate, caramel, and buttery tones chosen were all inspired by sweet confectionary and the aim of making the

Classical Kitchen with Modern Design Integrated in a Georgian Style

Almost everyone appreciates in a kitchen the presence of a refined and elegant design cumulated with the approach of a classic or traditional style. The classical kitchens are very popular because  they are above the actual assessments, specific to a trend or another, being timeless. A traditional kitchen should be remarked by an aesthetic that

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