St. Stephen's Apartment / Dizaino Virtuve

St. Stephen’s Apartment / Dizaino Virtuve

This spacious apartment is located in a unique spot – the historic Jewish quarter near the former city gates. Built in the first half of the last century, this building stands out with its architecture that has become an inspiration and reference point

Eyes Wide Open Apartment / Prusta Architecture

Eyes Wide Open Apartment / Prusta Architecture

The double-decker’s eyes are large windows that offer panoramic city views. The four-person family here wanted a funky, luxuriously flavored home. The interior of the luxury sense is caused by subtle brass details.

Small Apartment in Vilnius / Pfafrode Studio

Small Apartment in Vilnius / Pfafrode Studio

The apartment, located on the first floor, has large panoramic windows in all rooms including the bathroom. One of the advantages of this apartment is the high ceilings since they make the rooms look more spacious.

Modern Loft Apartment in Vilnius / Dizaino Virtuve 2

Modern Loft Apartment, Vilnius / Dizaino Virtuve

The modern loft apartment interior was inspired by the architecture of the surrounding old town. The key task and challenge of the architect was to create the feeling of space, which has been achieved by joining the kitchen with the living room

Monochromatic House in Vilnius: The Greywall

Monochromatic House / Paleko Arch Studija + PLAZMA

A monochromatic house that is recessed and hidden behind the continuous concrete wall. This wall becomes a part of the interior by creating the grey wall through the entire apartment and becomes a limit between common spaces and nature.

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