The Light sculpture Forms in Nature – a fascinating world of roots

The Light sculpture Forms in Nature – a fascinating world of roots

There is a real fascination for roots. They are the metaphor for our origins, where we come from and where go, and a link to primordial creation and, in the same time, a connection with all living creatures. As roots of trees get deeper and deeper towards the core of Earth, our minds try to discover the essence and the meaning of life. Ernst Haeckel (1834 –1919) was a German scientist and artist who discovered, described and named thousands of new species and drawn a genealogical tree relating all life forms. Based on his drawings, Hilden & Diaz brought the roots in our home by creating a spectacular artwork.

Forms in Nature is a light sculpture that transforms a room in a magic ramification of roots by the effects of shadows. But the roots are reversed; they aim the sky inviting our conscious and subconscious mind to meditate about primordial core as well as about our future. If light and roots may never meet in nature, it is precisely light that forms these majestic and dramatic shadows, a symbol of the creative unruliness. Human mind and of all life forms, in their struggle for survival and evolution, create a world of roots. Our knowledge, our thoughts and dreams rise towards the sky to understand the Truth just like roots of trees gets the essence for life. Roots connect the tree to the soil, thus to all living creatures and our origins as well. Forms in nature is a  brilliant light sculpture and an invitation to meditation!

The Light sculpture Forms in Nature – a fascinating world of roots

The Light sculpture Forms in Nature – a fascinating world of roots

The Light sculpture Forms in Nature – a fascinating world of roots

Forms in Nature Light Sculpture

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