The Shop Souflaki Etc by M.O.B Interior Architects

The Shop Souflaki Etc by M.O.B Interior Architects

Nicosia-based M.O.B Interior Architects has designed The Shop Souflaki Etc, a modern tavern that serves Greek and Cypriot cuisine.

Modern Tavern by M.O.B Interior Architects, Nicosia

The designer’s presentation: We are delighted to be involved in new talk of the town! We are of course talking about The Shop souvlaki bar, which opened recently on Spyros Kyprianou Avenue, the architectural and interior design of which is signed by M.O.B Interior Architects. It is a project which triggered our imagination and creativity from the very first minute, when the client gave us one and only directive: To transform the existing premises (previously operated as a chain cafeteria) into an elegant urban souvlaki bar.

The Shop Souflaki Etc by M.O.B Interior Architects , Nicosia
We based our architectural and design concept on the souvlaki bar’s very own philosophy: A modern taverna serving Greek and Cypriot cuisine with a crisp twist. So to achieve this strong contrast between tradition and modernity we decided to blend traditional looking tables and chairs with modern decorative applications and custom-made elements. For example butchers’ counters are used as eating tables, old-style buckets and food containers used in farms are made into pendant lamps, village baskets are transformed into ceiling lightings, traditional window panels are used as wall decorative, etc.

The Shop Souflaki Etc Nicosia
In the meantime and throughout the whole process we were careful to preserve our own design identity, defined by the unconventional use of raw materials such as wood and metal. We believe that the final result is a rampant, stylish and trend-setting restaurant which creates a wonderful dining experience for its customers.

The Shop Souflaki Etc

Modern tavern by M.O.B Interior Architects

M.O.B Interior Architects - Modern tavern - Greek and Cypriot cuisine

The Shop Souflaki Etc by M.O.B Interior Architects - restaurant design

Restaurant Design by  M.O.B Interior Architects

Restaurant in Nicosia by M.O.B Interior Architects

The Shop Souflaki Etc- lighting by M.O.B Interior Architects

The Shop Souflaki Bar

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