Residential ArchitectureHousesThree-Courts House in Austin / A Parallel Architecture

Three-Courts House in Austin / A Parallel Architecture

Three-Courts House in Austin

Architects: A Parallel Architecture
Interior Design: Allison Burke Interior Design
Project: Three-Courts House
Location: Austin, Texas, US
Photography: Paul Finkel/ Piston Design

A Parallel Architecture has modernized and renovated Three-Courts House, a mid-century residence located in Austin, Texas. The interior design was conceived by designer Allison Burke.

Project description: Quietly overlooking Lake Austin on a large hillside lot, this 4800sf home is woven through a series of existing brick walls and foundations to create an entirely new experience of the site. Three-Courts House is comprised of four bedrooms and a backyard addition that functions as both a guest suite and home office.

Three-Courts House in Austin 1

The original house was extremely dark and introverted, with 8’ ceilings throughout. Our early objective was to leverage the underlying value of the structure, while creating an open, airy home that capitalized on the amazing site.

Three-Courts House in Austin 2

Arranged around a series of three overlapping courtyards, the building’s primary spaces push and pull to create a wide variety of spatial experiences- solid and void, light and dark, release and compression. Carefully working in close proximity to the heritage oaks, the architecture weaves around and tucks under the sprawling tree canopies.

Three-Courts House in Austin 3

Influenced by its site on a large hilltop, additional windows were introduced to showcase views of the landscape and add natural light throughout the interior. Further filling interior spaces with natural light, skylights and transom windows have also been added.

Three-Courts House in Austin 4

New masonry walls, an extension of the original house, anchor the floating roofs which in turn strategically frame treetop views. A central court, a vestige of the once enclosed sunroom, carves deep into the house, affording each room a unique connection to the outdoors.

Three-Courts House in Austin 5

The material palette consists of open grained cypress ceilings, rift white oak millwork, old growth walnut floors and painted brick. This variety of woods and textures is toned down with the simplicity of warm white walls. To complement the home’s fusion of contemporary and mid-century architecture, the interior features a range of soft modern furnishings.

Three-Courts House in Austin 6

Three-Courts House in Austin 7

Three-Courts House in Austin 8

Three-Courts House in Austin 9

Three-Courts House in Austin 10

Three-Courts House in Austin 11

Three-Courts House in Austin 12

Three-Courts House in Austin 13

Three-Courts House in Austin 14

Three-Courts House in Austin 15

Three-Courts House in Austin 16

Three-Courts House in Austin 17

Three-Courts House in Austin 18

Three-Courts House in Austin 19

Three-Courts House in Austin 21

Three-Courts House in Austin 20

Three-Courts House in Austin 22

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