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Loft 002 – Rad Design Project in the King West Neighborhood from Toronto

Loft 002 - Rad Design project in Toronto

Loft 002 is a project made by Rad Design studio in the King West Area neighborhood from Toronto, Canada. The residence with an area of 1100 square feet has an open kitchen united with a large living room, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Rad Design project in Toronto

The space is organized on length along the wall that includes a large window that extends on the entire length of the apartment. The initial crudeness of the space with a concrete ceiling, concrete pillars and exposed pipes was counteracted through the presence of the carpets and of some colorful artworks that give dynamism to the space. Loft 002 is dominated by earth tones, inclusively seen at the contemporary pieces of furniture that complement the exposed concrete surfaces.

Rad Design project in King West Area

Colour was introduced through bright, textural art work and floor rugs as a way to make the space dynamic and counter the space’s initial rawness with its exposed concrete ceiling, large concrete columns and exposed ducts.

Rad Design project

The original kitchen was dark brown with black countertops, which in combination with the dark flooring, made the overall living space very dark and hard to illuminate at night. Therefore, the kitchen was completely demolished and replaced with new grey cabinetry (with a beautiful texture to complement the exposed concrete surfaces of the loft) by Scavolini and bright white Caesarstone countertops and matching backsplash. The living area, which features select pieces of contemporary furniture in various earth tones such as two Barcelona Chairs, is a luxuriously large open space, achieved through the reduction of a formal dining space. Instead, Rad Design added a new large countertop for the kitchen island with an overhang towards the living room and an asymmetrical cascading edge as an accent element, which also doubles as a dining area.

Loft 002 - Rad Design

The accent wall of the bedroom, which is accessed through the living area via a sliding glass barn door, is painted with a warm shade of grey to compliment the colours found within the rest of the loft and connect the spaces conceptually. The bright magenta carpet tiles act as a rug in the bedroom to add a warm colour, in contrast with the black and grey bedroom furniture.

Loft project in Toronto

Rad Design - loft interiors

Loft 002 in Toronto

Bathroom design - Rad Design

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