Office DesignWork space by ReDesign / "Work at Play" for Resolution Interactive Media

Work space by ReDesign / “Work at Play” for Resolution Interactive Media

Work space by ReDesign -

For the designing of the new offices, the two associates of Resolution Interactive Media, a web design firm from Ontario, Canada have requested a meeting with the designers from ReDesign to “offend” them with their proposal for offices. It followed an attempt to create an unique work space for offices that would reflect the personality of the two business partners and would match to the web design team. The idea that has gone together with the culture of this company was “work while you are having fun” and the project was named “Work at Play”. Realized in the industrial loft style, the offices are composed mainly by a production studio and a lounge area. The access to the main work space is done through a tunnel hallway and a large barn door that provides the entry into the lounge area. At the entrance, it was decorated a reception with personalized logo and the name of the company. The materials used in the project are simple building materials, low-cost, especially emphasizing wood, or planks, or wood fiber boards. The concrete floors were left exposed, reinforcing the impression of raw, industrial space. For the specific and size of the RIM company, I think that the offices realized by ReDesign are excellent, personalized and challenging for the team.   Photography: Erwin Loewen

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