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Modern Interior Design in an Old Church

Modern interior design - Gianna Camilotti - 1

Gianna Camilotti, the Londoner designer breaks the barriers imposed by social conventions and delight us with a beautiful demonstration that outlines how an old church architecture can be compatible with most modern interior design. This luxury residence designed in the church has a touch of splendor that successfully completes with the purity and simplicity expression that comes to us across time in the history of the building.

The space benefits from a large opened living room that includes the kitchen and dining area, a bathroom and two bedrooms. The old wooden interior structure was preserved and it gives a rustic shade and the romance arched windows give an air of towering to the residence. The great height of the interior allowed a higher level to be arranged which was dedicated to the two bedrooms.

The access to the bedrooms is secured by an interior staircase. The artificial animal skins reinforce the rustic aspect, somehow colonial both the living room and bedrooms. The glass walls give spaciousness to the bedrooms.

Modern interior design - Gianna Camilotti - 2

The interior design is dominated by supplies and contemporary decors with a chromatic based on very expressive earthy colors on the white background. In addition to black and white, a third color which highlights is the color of the wood, whose presence, as usual, brings equilibrium and warms the atmosphere, transforming the residence in that hospitable universe to which you always come back gladly. Without being a big church, compared to other similar constructions, both the marble floor and walls are completely white and give a stunning brightness and spaciousness to this luxury apartment.

The white light of numerous spots complements well with the abundant natural light that enters through a large structure of glasses that dominates the wall of the living room. On the outer side of the church, there was decorated a beautiful patio with a living room and a dining area outside, all protected by a wall of abundance green ensuring conditions for relaxation and privacy.

I think it is entirely laudable the project of the designer Gianna Camilotti who has managed to harmonize the demands of a welcoming residence with a more distant architecture, providing an example of good practice and creativity in the interior of the design. A luxury residence designed in the church, which demonstrates that any architectural structure can’t inhibit and limit the modern interior design.

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Modern interior design - Gianna Camilotti - 4

Modern interior design - Gianna Camilotti - 5

Modern interior design - Gianna Camilotti - 6

Modern interior design - Gianna Camilotti - 7

Modern interior design - Gianna Camilotti - 8

Modern interior design - Gianna Camilotti - 9

Modern interior design - Gianna Camilotti - 10

Modern interior design - Gianna Camilotti - 11

Modern interior design - Gianna Camilotti - 12

Modern interior design - Gianna Camilotti - 13

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