Zielinski & Rozen Showroom by Makhno

Zielinski & Rozen Showroom by Makhno

Project: Zielinski & Rozen Showroom
Studio: Sergey Makhno Architects
Designers: Serhii Makhno, Oleksandr Makhno, Olena Stepura
PM: Iryna Zamora, Iryna Pavliuchenko
PR: Tatiana Vakula, Maria Fedko, Lina Kulyk
Details: perfume corner
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Area: 15 m²
Completed 2021
Photo credit: Serhii Kadulin

Zielinski & Rozen is an Israeli perfume house of natural fragrances, founded in 1905. The brand’s first showroom in Ukraine was opened in TSUM, in the very heart of Kyiv.

The customer reached out to us because they wanted to create a showroom in a Ukrainian contemporary style. And Ukrainian design must be Makhno.

Zielinski & Rozen Showroom by Makhno

Despite the small area, the creation and realisation of the project had some real challenges. We had two weeks and only two online meetings to discuss and approve the visualisations. We also had limited time for the project realisation — 30 days sharp. Moreover, it was only possible to carry out the construction work at night time. The architects lost their sleep for a month, but for the sake of the result, they happily made this sacrifice.

Zielinski & Rozen Showroom by Makhno

“Projects in shopping centres do not tolerate delays: there is always a precise deadline that can not be changed, and, of course, special construction conditions. We understood that there was no room for error, so the night before the store opened we controlled the final construction until five in the morning,” says project designer Oleksandr Makhno.

Zielinski & Rozen Showroom by Makhno

Interior details
The interior is wrapped in materials typical of Ukrainian culture — ceramics and wood. In the centre of the composition, there is a table with a cracked ceramic base made in our workshop. A vase from Serhii Makhno complements the colour scheme of the table. On both sides of the ceramic island, there are wooden shelves with perfumes.

Zielinski & Rozen Showroom by Makhno

All the walls are decorated with clay plaster — it is a modern version of the technology used in the days of our great-grandparents. The main wall is decorated with Tetrapod 3D tiles, which won the international Red Dot Design Award in 2017. Soft accents are added by the snow-white Khmara lamps made in our ceramic workshop.

Zielinski & Rozen Showroom by Makhno

The Zielinski & Rozen showroom in Kyiv is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of incredible aromas enveloped in natural materials and ancient Ukrainian traditions.

Zielinski & Rozen Showroom by Makhno

Zielinski & Rozen Showroom by Makhno

Zielinski & Rozen Showroom by Makhno


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