OD Blow Dry Bar / SNKH Architectural Studio

OD Blow Dry Bar

“OD” is the first blow dry bar in Yerevan, Armenia, created by a group of young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs. The primary goal was to create a new model of a beauty salon and to outline the lifestyle through the interior, to create an atmosphere that the customer is not used to.

The OD Blow Dry Bar lies in a 1930’s neoclassical building, in the very center of Yerevan, near Republic Square. Previously this space hosted a luxury boutique and it faced radical changes since we started the design process. Everything possible was demolished besides the natural travertine floor which had a big impact on the final design. The old ceiling had two covers: the original one from the 30’s and the second one – from the last renovation. All the layers were demolished to expose the original concrete ceiling construction with its vintage texture and tone. As a result we’ve got an extra 1.5m height.

OD Blow Dry Bar 1

The shape of the floor plan allowed us to divide the space into two parts. The first – entrance zone with the bar/reception, three mirrors and a little lounge zone, the second zone hosts two mirrors, shampoo backwash and a small area for the storage in the back of the interior.

OD Blow Dry Bar 2

“Od” means air in Armenian, that is why the sky blue was chosen as a main color for the interior which gently contrasts with the brutality of concrete elements in the interior. The stylist’s desks and the coffee table are custom made of concrete and plywood. All the five mirrors have different shapes to give a dynamic and personalized feeling to the interior.

Architects: SNKH Architectural Studio
Project: OD Blow Dry Bar
Architects in Charge: Ashot Snkhchyan, Arminé Snkhchyan
Area: 80.0 m2
Location: Yerevan, Armenia
Photography: Sona Manukyan & Ani Avagyan

OD Blow Dry Bar 3

OD Blow Dry Bar 4

OD Blow Dry Bar 5

OD Blow Dry Bar 6

OD Blow Dry Bar 7

OD Blow Dry Bar 8

OD Blow Dry Bar 9

OD Blow Dry Bar 10

OD Blow Dry Bar 11

OD Blow Dry Bar 12

OD Blow Dry Bar 13

OD Blow Dry Bar 14

OD Blow Dry Bar 15


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