Co-Worker table: silent assistant designed to help

Co-Worker silent assistant designed to help by Tobias Lugmeier (3)

Each person has his own habits and rituals when he performs office work, procedures that he almost gets to repeat instinctively daily. Each has his own specific way of organizing the office, being accustomed to place his requisites, stationery and everything he uses in work in a distinct way. If disarrangement occurs and our routine is no longer met, we begin to lose efficiency and the result of our work suffers. Co-Worker is a simple and effective desk, conceived and designed by Tobias Lugmeier, student at industrial design within the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany. This desk has been designed in order to be helpful in our work and it is a silent assistant that provides space for each tool we need.

Co-Worker silent assistant designed to help by Tobias Lugmeier (5)

Co-Worker is the result of a careful observation process regarding the manner how we are accustomed to develop our work at office, and on the daily routine that we all go through. This office adapts to the nature and requirements of the activities that we develop, point where we can opt to have at hand the exact tools we need at a given moment or to have a flat work surface. Sometimes you need a lot of papers and writing instruments, other times only your notebook and a book. Equipped with multiple compartments, for a great variety of requirements, you can choose to have in plain sight only the necessary ones and the rest of the instruments hidden under the desk. There is no need to get up from your desk and look in another place for a certain kind of pen or a notebook, since Co-Worker gives you the possibility to have many tools at hand. Co-Worker offers this without cluttering the work surface of the desk, giving you the possibility to have full access, only when needed. All the storage boxes for tools can be pressed and masked under the desk, so that you can obtain a completely flat and empty work surface. If you need something just lift the box in which the object is placed.

Co-Worker silent assistant designed to help by Tobias Lugmeier (1)

Co-Worker silent assistant designed to help by Tobias Lugmeier (2)

Co-Worker silent assistant designed to help by Tobias Lugmeier

Co-Worker silent assistant designed to help by Tobias Lugmeier (4)

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