A DIY Prototype of a Family House in Posazavi

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A DIY prototype of a family house in Posázaví (1)

Designed by A69 Architectural Studio, this DIY prototype of a family house is built in a former granite quarry in Posázaví, Czech Republic. The purpose of this built project is to check structural, typological, and user qualities of the prototype.

The house is located on the edge of a rock above a lake. The project preserves grown trees, emphasizes the view to the water, and allows access to the meadow in the middle of a forest. A simple cubic mass 15x15x4 m contains interior spaces formed in a more complex manner. Organically moulded labyrinth of the interior habitable space allows more day- and sunlight, vistas out and through from the depth of the layout.

A DIY prototype of a family house in Posázaví (3)

The house hovers over the landscape, it is not founded traditionally. A steel load-distributing modular raft is bedded on existing granite blocks – remnants of former mining. A 2×4 timber frame is erected on the raft. The roof structure is nailed trusswork. The roof is flat finished with extensive green. The façade is ventilated made of lumber. Windows are aluminium.

A DIY prototype of a family house in Posázaví (4)

A sliding glass wall provides for connecting the living area with an outdoor terrace on the meadow. The interior is monochromatic using different shades of white – a neutral frame for colours of the forest at different periods of a day and year. The house is a DIY type. It can be taken into pieces, it may disappear without a trace left.

Architect: Boris Redčenkov, Prokop Tomášek, Jaroslav Wertig / A69 Architectural Studio
Collaborator: Michal Nohejl
Project: DIY prototype of a family house
Technical design, collaboration: OMEGA project s.r.o. – Jan Škopek, Miroslav Fejfar; statika – Radek Brandejs
Location: Posázaví, Czech Republic
Photographer: Tomáš Rasl

A DIY prototype of a family house in Posázaví (8)

A DIY prototype of a family house in Posázaví (10)

A DIY prototype of a family house in Posázaví (6)

A DIY prototype of a family house in Posázaví (9)

A DIY prototype of a family house in Posázaví (7)

A DIY prototype of a family house in Posázaví (2)

A DIY prototype of a family house in Posázaví (5)

A DIY prototype of a family house in Posázaví (11)

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