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Sunrise House in Lviv / Leopolis Architecture Group

Sunrise House

Sunrise House is a single-family house designed by Leopolis Architecture Group for a young family with two children. The house is located in Lviv, Ukraine.

Customers dreamed of a modern interior, which where family harmony could be cultivated. We tried to make this house as bright and cozy as possible.

Sunrise House 1

First floor is a place, where the family can spend quality time together. Soft daylight fills the combined space of living room, dining room and kitchen. Panoramic windows allow one to admire the scenery outside.

Sunrise House 2

Modern staircase leads to the upper sleeping area, where all the family members are provided with individual space. Rooms for teenage children were made in bright colors and create the mood that matches their young spirit best.

Sunrise House 3

Parents’ bedroom dark was designed in contrasting pastel shades and is not jammed with furniture. All clothes are hidden in a large wardrobe. The house has three bathrooms and a guest room, so there is enough free space even for large number of people.

Sunrise House 4

Sunrise House 5

Sunrise House 6

Sunrise House 7

Sunrise House 8

Sunrise House 9

Sunrise House 10

Sunrise House 11

Sunrise House 12

Sunrise House 12

Sunrise House 13

Sunrise House 14

Sunrise House 15

Sunrise House 16

Sunrise House 18

Sunrise House 19

Sunrise House 20

Sunrise House 20

Sunrise House 21

Sunrise House 22

Sunrise House 23

Sunrise House 28

Sunrise House 25

Sunrise House 26

Sunrise House 27

Sunrise House 29

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