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10 Restaurant Design Trends In The Post-COVID World

10 Restaurant Design Trends In The Post-COVID World

While the pandemic was an overall net negative for our health, social lives, and the economy, improvements in restaurant design are one of the few positives that came out of this difficult time. From increased cleanliness to open kitchens, restaurants are a lot more customer friendly.

10 Restaurant Design Trends Common in a Post-COVID World

As new restaurant locations continue to pop up, you’ll find many similarities in their post-COVID design. Here are 10 restaurant design trends that are popular and relatively commonplace.

1. Increased Outdoor Space
After we learned that the virus is more likely to spread in poorly ventilated, enclosed places, restaurants adapted by investing in more outdoor space and seating. Everyone loves sitting out on the patio, so it’s easy to see why this trend continued when things started to return to normal.

2. Cleanliness Emphasis
In the wake of the pandemic, customers are more aware than ever of restaurant cleanliness. You can capitalize on this by making sure your restaurant is spotless and that customers feel safe. Consider investing in easy-to-clean decor, such as stainless steel counters and bar tops.

3. Multi-Functional Spaces
With the rise of take-out and delivery, many restaurants are looking for ways to double their space and make it more versatile. Multi-functional spaces are a great way to do this, as they can be used for multiple purposes, such as dining and take-out. Plus, they increase your ROI.

4. Open Kitchens
Open kitchens are becoming increasingly popular in the post-COVID world. Customers are more concerned about food preparation, so they’d love to peek into the inner workings of your restaurant. Since open kitchens are more transparent, they give customers peace of mind.

5. Contactless Payment Solutions
Contactless payment solutions are becoming the norm in the restaurant industry. Customers expect to be able to pay for their meals quickly and securely. Investing in a contactless payment system and delivery are the best ways to give your customers a seamless, happy experience.

6. Utilizing Technology
Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the restaurant industry. You can use technology to streamline processes, such as ordering and payment systems. Touchless technology, such as automated doors, shows customers that you take their safety seriously.

7. Brighten Up Your Space
Bright colors and vibrant décor can make your restaurant stand out. This can be done through the use of artwork and colorful furniture. You can also use lighting to create a unique atmosphere. Consider investing in multi-functional furniture to increase the amount of storage.

8. Dressing Up Walls
Without design accessories like paintings, murals, and sculptures, your restaurant is going to look pretty drab. That’s why you should dress up your wall with decor that fits your overall design and targeted demographic. What’s more, interesting decor creates a unique experience.

9. Reimagined Bar Areas
Bar areas are showing up more frequently in the restaurant world. You can use this as an opportunity to create a unique, inviting atmosphere. Invest in comfortable seating, eclectic decor, and modern technology to make your bar area look inviting, exciting, and fun.

10. Emphasizing Comfort and Safety
In a post-COVID world, comfort and safety are key. You can emphasize this by investing in comfortable furniture, spacious seating, and air filtration systems. If you have the space, set up booths away from other patrons. This will encourage the most careful people to dine with you.

In Conclusion…
These are just some of the restaurant design trends you should be aware of in a post-COVID world. Take some time to evaluate how you can incorporate these trends into your restaurant to stay competitive and give your customers a unique, enjoyable experience.

10 Restaurant Design Trends In The Post-COVID World

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