An Earthy and Serene Home Designed by Dorit Sela

An Earthy and Serene Home Designed by Dorit Sela

Project: An Earthy and Serene Home
Planning and design: Dorit Sela
Property: 160 sqm + 120 sqm, new build
Furniture: Ellita Living
Sanitaryware and tiling: MODY
Location: Israel
Photo Credits: Oded Smadar

This beautiful and serene penthouse in central Israel was planned and designed by designer Dorit Sela. Focusing on creating a minimalist design, she chose to display pleasant spaces whilst concealing some of the property’s features for a clean effect.

This penthouse, located in central Israel, was purchased as a new-build, and is owned by a father and his teenage son. The owner chose to hire the services of Dorit Sela, a long-standing family acquaintance, to renovate the property.

An Earthy and Serene Home Designed by Dorit Sela

The 160 sqm penthouse is surrounded by a glorious 120 sqm balcony. “The aim was to create a calm and cozy home”, recalls Sela, owner of an architecture, planning, and home design studio. “The choice of a calm and pleasant color palette in earthy desert tones was not arbitrary. Along with smooth coved ceilings, the space exudes a sense of warmth, ease, and serenity”, She adds.

outdoors, dining area, terrace

The penthouse was originally a five-bedroom property and was redesigned to meet the needs of its new owners, with particular attention given to the master bedroom and the balcony. The interior of the standard entrance door was covered with a dominant wood veneer that continues across the entrance wall and conceals two doors, one to the guest toilets and another to the son’s bedroom.

living room, Dorit Sela

The guest toilets, unlike the overall warm design concept throughout the rest of the property, were designed in dramatic dark colors with a black free-standing sink from MODY and amorphous custom-made cabinets in a unique texture.

living area, Dorit Sela

kitchen, Dorit Sela

The entrance door leads to the main open space. To the left of the space, a large and partially transparent carpentry unit was fitted, which is used as a wine library and separates the kitchen from the family corner.

kitchen, Dorit Sela

The kitchen was fitted with tall cabinets in wood cladding, that continue the L-shaped space through to the family corner. The carpentry unit that serves the kitchen, conceals a utility room and audio systems. A gray kitchen island with a built-in sink and stove top was positioned in the center of the space. The coved ceilings continue through the kitchen, giving the space a softer feel.

dining area, Dorit Sela

The large balcony surrounds the property and can be accessed via the kitchen, the master bedroom, and the lounge. A different function is located at each of the various balcony exits: a jacuzzi is located outside the master bedroom, a water fountain was positioned and visible from the kitchen, and an outdoor kitchen and seating area was positioned by the lounge exit, made of large doors that blur the boundaries between the interior and exterior of the property.

bedroom, Dorit Sela

The dining area is adjacent to the lounge, which is spacious and welcoming with plenty of entertaining space. A meticulously designed free-standing leather sofa by Ellita Living was placed in its center and is appealing from each angle.

An Earthy and Serene Home Designed by Dorit Sela

A functional wall was designed behind the dining area, displaying groves in a variety of spacing and concealing the air conditioning outlets behind two concealed doors. A round decorative mirror completes this geometric sophisticated look.

bathroom, Dorit Sela

The master bedroom includes an en-suite bathroom with glass windows that create a reflection between the spaces, presenting a much bigger space. The en-suite continues with the same overall color palette, through the use of extra-large 1.5x3m tiles and a Corean cabinet. The bed faces the safe room, which is used as a walk-in wardrobe and the exit from the master bedroom leads to the jacuzzi on the balcony.

The family corner, which continues from the kitchen, is pleasant and intimate and is the owner’s favorite spot in the property for taking time out and relaxing.

An Earthy and Serene Home Designed by Dorit Sela

Dorit Sela

An Earthy and Serene Home Designed by Dorit Sela

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