9 Garden Plants That Are Perfect For Hot Climates

9 Garden Plants That Are Perfect For Hot Climates

Owning a garden can be extremely challenging if you live in a region that experiences significant heat and sunshine. You have to constantly worry about humidity, soil moisture, sweltering heat, and more. But it’s possible to maintain your green thumb and help your plants thrive during intense heat waves and drought. You just need to do your research and plan ahead.

Get your garden off to a good start with hardy plants that can tolerate extreme sun and heat for extended periods. While you may need a nursery and greenhouse to get them started, the following species will enjoy the hotter climes where you live once they mature.

1. Herbs
If you’ve always wanted an herb garden but are worried your area needs more rain, think again! May plants in this category are hardy and can handle full sun with minimal maintenance. While parsley may be a little too tender for brutal heat waves, Rosemary, sage, and thyme will thrive, even if the soil isn’t overly nutrient-rich. You can even use some of these as ornamentals if you don’t like them in your food. Finally, consider lining your fence base with some of these easy-to-grow herbs, and let your friends and neighbors take some fresh cuts home when visiting!

9 Garden Plants That Are Perfect For Hot Climates

2. Echinacea
Another favorite in gardens that receive a ton of sun is the echinacea. Also called the coneflower, this brightly blossomed plant needs minimal care and soaks up heat and light like nobody’s business. If you want to craft your own tinctures, drying this plant out and using it as a drink infusion is thought to boost the immune system. You will also enjoy how many butterflies and birds are attracted to this flowering plant.

Cosmos plant

3. Cosmos
The good news about gardens in hot zones is that plants don’t have to look like cacti to survive. In fact, you can grow colorful vegetation like Cosmos to add beauty to your landscape. These annual plants have tall stems with flowers that remind one of the daisies. Because these originated in Mexico, Cosmos is heat and drought-tolerant. Keep in mind that if you plant these in tough plants will become weak; they prefer poor soil.

Yarrow plant

4. Yarrow
Do you love butterflies and want to see more of them in your Southern garden? Yarrow plants can set this stage with their flat tops and late seasonal blooms. Additionally, if you have discovered deer munching on your favorite flowers and crops, these plans deter this behavior. Finally, the color palette for its blossoms is quite varied, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Sedum plant

5. Sedum
One of the more well-known hot weather plants one can plant in their garden is the Sedum. This plant is a gladiator when it comes to extreme heat and drought. In fact, it requires maintenance so minimal it takes care of itself. Because it’s a perennial, all you need to do is trim it back and let nature do the rest.

Lantana plant

6. Lantana
You’ll find Lantanas are a great addition to your garden bed if you live in a hot and humid climate. Despite their loving well-drained soil, don’t panic if a drought hits your area. These plants easily thrive in scorching temperatures and sunlight compared to others, and with its year-round flowering, your yard will look amazing while surrounding properties look burnt to a crisp. You’ll also provide a food source for important pollinators and hummingbirds.

9 Garden Plants That Are Perfect For Hot Climates

7. Verbena
For gardeners that are all about the wildlife in their area, Verbena is an ideal flowering plant to attract bees and similar pollinators in a hot climate. It’s also a tough plant that enjoys dry heat, so you don’t have to worry about the soil lacking enough nutrients and moisture to thrive. This species benefits from such harsh conditions and will create a beautiful aesthetic for your growing area.

Hisbiscus plant

8. Hisbiscus
Hibiscus can beat the odds for gardeners who live in hot climates and have a black thumb. This plant comes from the Mediterranean and can go months on end without any precipitation while living in full sunlight. Worried it will be a boring, leafy plant? Think again. Despite outrageously harsh conditions, this species produces vibrant pink and red flowers.

Marigolds plant

9. Marigold
A timeless classic that you see in various climates, Marigolds are a popular go-to for garden enthusiasts wanting to add gentle hues of gold and orange to their layout. These plants are particularly popular in hotter climates because they bloom late into the summer and fall right when other plants die. It’s important to note that while these flowers love full sun, they need to keep their roots watered thoroughly in well-draining soil.

With all the plant options shared in this article, you’ll need help choosing only a couple to put in your garden. The good news is that you can always place these in other areas of your property that needs sprucing up because of heat and drought. Imagine how much prettier these areas will look with a bit of color and foliage from these tough hot weather plants.

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