An Apartment for a Software Developer

An Apartment for a Software Developer

Project: An apartment for a software developer
Interior Design: Alexander Tischler
Location: Moscow, Russia
Size: 81 m2
Years: 2020-2021
Cost $209,826
Photo Credits: Yaroslav Lukiyanchenko

We designed and delivered this brutal interior with bright details for a programmer. The client wanted the kitchen and living room to remain separate (and the kitchen to have room for a freestanding refrigerator), a shower in one of the bathrooms, and a large desk.

Our team created a design project and worked with the interior exactly according to the plan and budget. We also designed and manufactured all the cabinet furniture specifically for this apartment.

An Apartment for a Software Developer

The whole interior is done in two primary colors, taupe beige and dark gray. We used several repeating details: tinted-glass partitions, doors and fronts, egg-yellow furniture pieces, and ribbed elements.


The kitchen and the living room can be viewed through a tinted glass doorway. The living room is visually divided into two emotional zones: the austere dark one with a graphic cabinet and the light one with a sofa.

The living room remained separated: it is a full-fledged lounge area with a passage to the kitchen.

An Apartment for a Software Developer

The dining area has a few distinctive interior pieces: a glass table on metal support legs, bright eco-leather Bontempi chairs, and round Vibia lamps.

The client also asked us not to get a built-in refrigerator. We moved it away from the rest of the furniture so it could be an independent element of the kitchen. Near to it, there is a vertical Vibia pendant lamp.

dining room

The 3.5 m long desk was placed in the bedroom. It is made without a single support leg and has a metal frame. We wanted to make the wall above the table more textured, so we put an embossed panel there.

An Apartment for a Software Developer


The dressing room adjoins the bedroom, but they are separated by partitions made of tinted glass. There is a multifaceted storage system: it’s possible to expose the nice clothes, put accessories into the wide drawers, and keep unseasonal clothes in the closet.

An Apartment for a Software Developer

The sink in the bathroom stands on a base with an accent yellow module. It echoes the chairs in the kitchen and the hallway pouf.

Just rightward to the entrance, there is a column cabinet containing a washer, a dryer, and a built-in air extractor.


At this place, there was a small hallway leading to the kitchen on the builder’s plan. We moved the entrance to the living room and it gave us a chance to equip the bathroom with a shower.


There is no room for a full closet at the entrance, so we installed several clothes hooks and a small cross-drawer closet instead.

The rest of the stuff can be stored in the second closet further down the hall, where we also located the low-current and electrical panels as well as the heating manifold.

Karen Karapetian / Chief Designer
Diana Besedina / Designer
Oleg Mokrushnikov / Engineer
Кonstantin Prokhorov / Engineer
Ekaterina Baibakova / Head of Purchasing
Pavel Prokhorov / Finishing Manager
Alexey Stepanov / Installation Manager
Nastasya Korbut / Stylist
Vera Minchenkova / Copywriting

bathroom, wc



floor plan

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