Residential ArchitectureApartmentsApartment in Paris Designed by Rodolphe Parente for a Passionate of Design

Apartment in Paris Designed by Rodolphe Parente for a Passionate of Design

Apartment in Paris

Designer: Rodolphe Parente
Project: Appartement 108
Location: Paris, France
Photography: Olivier Amsellem

The Appartement 108 is a living place for a passionate of design in the heart of Paris. The flat is composed by a living room with a protagonist brushed brass kitchen. The night area is separated by rotative bookcases from a bright bathroom. This apartment in Paris is full of massive, material and colour contrasts that create a dialogue based on a strong opposition.

Apartment in Paris 1

Apartment in Paris 2

Apartment in Paris 3

Apartment in Paris 4

Apartment in Paris 5

Apartment in Paris 6

Apartment in Paris 7

Apartment in Paris 8

Apartment in Paris 9

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