Around the Net House in Courdimanche / Martins Afonso Atelier de Design

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Around the Net House in Courdimanche, France / Martins Afonso Atelier de Design

Project: Around the Net House
Architects: Martins Afonso Atelier de Design
Location: Courdimanche, France
Area of the house: 200 m2
Renovated area: 100 m2
Completion date: January 2019
Photography: Mickaël Martins Afonso
Text by Martins Afonso Atelier de Design

In the house, space is used but has yet to be lived in. The family, who has recently moved in, is settling in, capturing sensations and sequences which will soon become the pillars of the upcoming project.
The owners wanted to renovate and adapt this house to their way of life, a more comfortable one, and above all, in accordance with their tastes. The Around the Net House gave us time to think about spaces in a new light, with new use, especially for children.

Living room / Martins Afonso Atelier de Design

Directing spaces
The main asset of the Around the Net House was its light, and the double-height volume in the living room, unexploited until then. As a result, a mezzanine net came to life in this space, allowing the outdoor light to come through, yet offering another way to take over this area.

Toys storage + Ribbon / Martins Afonso Atelier de Design

The white floor on the ground floor, beyond its high reflective potential, brings out all the elements that are put down on it. The flooring shade also highlights an inversion of sensations with the shuttered concrete ceiling. This change upsets the habits to reinforce the notion of the void at the center of the net.

Around the Net House in Courdimanche, France / Martins Afonso Atelier de Design

The integrated furnishings, mostly oak with some black spots, bring warm fragments to the place, as gold nuggets one ties oneself to and which structure the clear and infinite space. The goal was to reorganize these living spaces developed upon two floors, in order to create a general coherence in the project, while at the same time creating distinct areas dedicated to a specific use.

Around the Net House in Courdimanche, France / Martins Afonso Atelier de Design

The central area links both levels as a backbone. It is a huge sculpted wooden volume, in which several functions and usages are articulated: it is, on the one hand, the stairs that lead to the other floors but also access the basement, the toilets, the bar, the library, the storage for vinyl records, and the television unit. The whole is materialized with games of solids and voids, punctuated by numerous spaces hidden by door curtains or small trap doors.

Around the Net House in Courdimanche, France / Martins Afonso Atelier de Design

In parallel, a piece of furniture going through the front entrance of the house welcomes us, inviting us to sit down and take our shoes off before coming in. This piece goes up to the living room wall, facing the central block. This pathway made of wood throughout conceals numerous Hi-Fi storage units.

Around the Net House in Courdimanche, France / Martins Afonso Atelier de Design

In front of it, a line develops along the wall, on each side of the stove, with on one side a bench seat with integrated storage for parents, welcoming relaxation, and on the other, toys storage for children to play with. The whole is topped by large shelves, as a ribbon unrolling on the wall, sheltering books, and subdued lighting.

Around the Net House in Courdimanche, France / Martins Afonso Atelier de Design

Hierarchy of spaces through matter
The mezzanine net becomes, depending on the time of day, a space for children to play, a place to relax in family, or a movie room.
Bordering the net, along the wall, a wooden strip inhabits the residual space under the slope, offering a number of storages, and integrating a video projector and home cinema, concealed behind sliding doors once the showing is over. This strip continues on the next wall with a different shape, where the structure of the net is wrapped by wood and allows for a sequence of tiny trap doors, with some more storage spaces.

detail / Martins Afonso Atelier de Design

Like a theatrical production, the light falls onto the walls and the furniture, as such creating a warm atmosphere throughout the day, making these spaces pleasant and soothing. The result is a true call for relaxation in this area, where everybody finds their own space without cluttering the available space.

Around the Net House in Courdimanche, France / Martins Afonso Atelier de Design

Central area + Bar / Martins Afonso Atelier de Design

Central area / Martins Afonso Atelier de Design

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