Modern Seaside Home – Redefining the Openness to the Outside

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Modern Seaside Home - Redefining the Openness to the Outside

Project: Modern Seaside Home
Architects: Martins Afonso Atelier de Design
Location: Les Portes-en-Ré, France
Completion date: 2018
Area: 90m2
Photo credit: Mickaël Martins Afonso

In this modern seaside home, the living space reveals itself through a varied range of sequences and views changing with seasons and the passing of time. This project comes to life when these moments are captured, where each new architectural fragment enters and dances in its context.

Modern Seaside Home - Redefining the Openness to the Outside

Rooted in the seaside and surrounded by a beautiful garden north of “Île de Ré”, this house opens up on every side and multiply perspectives. With a strong background, the challenge of the renovation was to create a new living environment, based on the previous one, and bring it a warm atmosphere.

Modern Seaside Home - Redefining the Openness to the Outside

The owners wished to renovate the house in order to make it more adapted to their lifestyle, more comfortable and above all in accordance to their tastes. The renovation is based on a reflection of the inside and a redefinition of the openings to the outside.

Modern Seaside Home - Redefining the Openness to the Outside

Interior accommodations have been carefully thought in order to create new links between rooms, but also to establish new relations with the outside.

dining room, Martins Afonso Atelier de Design

It is about realizing sequencing work defined and highlighted by the execution of solid wood. This material established a common denominator within each room of the house.

kitchen, Martins Afonso Atelier de Design

The central area is here to connect two living rooms and a dining room/kitchen, through a solid oak strip, in which we can find the doors and storage units. This central space also helps creating the sequences and framings, which highlight the exterior context while succeeding to bring it indoor.

kitchen, Martins Afonso Atelier de Design

From these areas we can take a minute to appreciate the very warm surrounding, inviting us to rest.

Modern Seaside Home - Redefining the Openness to the Outside

Many details can be found in these spaces, whether it is by the choice of materials such as terracotta, or by the minute work on the solid oak, such as the making of hidden doors, and all the shadow gaps allowing for a finer dialogue with the existing space.
lighting, Martins Afonso Atelier de Design

Everything was conceived in details so that each architectural element finds its way and where each sequencing and framing is both highlighting what previously existed and also gives it the stamp of united togetherness.

Modern Seaside Home - Redefining the Openness to the Outside

Modern Seaside Home - Redefining the Openness to the Outside

Modern Seaside Home - Redefining the Openness to the Outside

Modern Seaside Home - Redefining the Openness to the Outside

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