Art for the Bath: Crochet Washbasin by Maison Valentina

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Art for the Bath Crochet Washbasin by Maison Valentina (1)

Not so long ago, needle craft was a skill that many women were expected to be proficient in. Knitting, crochet, sewing and embroidery were common activities that allowed us create any number of practical and decorative accessories for our homes. However, as mass manufacturing took hold, transforming the textile industry, very quickly, needle craft became somewhat out-dated.

Maison Valentina brings this technique to life with the reinterpretation of the crochet’s techniques adapted to the modern bathroom furniture. That is how Crochet Washbasin was born, a beautifully design and meticulously handcrafted piece.

Art for the Bath Crochet Washbasin by Maison Valentina (4)

This distinct and timeless washbasin exhales a powerful presence in any bathroom area. It encompasses baroque, eclecticism and a blend of modern and traditional reference. Drawing inspiration from the old and primitive, to new and modern art, this piece is built with great attention to subtle detail and proportion. The method of crocheting was also reinterpreted in this piece that has a structure in glossy lacquered with brass details which adorns the sinuous silhouette of this contemporary piece.

Art for the Bath Crochet Washbasin by Maison Valentina (5)

Crochet Washbasin has on the top of the basin Estremoz marble and on the bottom fours legs made of polished brass. The elegance of champagne and the warmth of crème are a striking combination that will create a sophisticated ambience in any exquisite bathroom.

Art for the Bath Crochet Washbasin by Maison Valentina (6)

This piece carries the artisan’s own passion and emotion for the handmade work. When a piece like Crochet is set in a bathroom, and surround it by a new way of life, the piece takes on its own unique identity, combining original inspiration with the pride of ownership. Expect the unexpected with this unique Crochet Washbasin. Courtesy of Maison Valentina

Art for the Bath Crochet Washbasin by Maison Valentina (3)

Art for the Bath Crochet Washbasin by Maison Valentina (2)

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