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Backlight Apartment in Taipei / 2BOOKS Design

Backlight Apartment in Taipei

Architects: 2BOOKS Design
Project: Backlight Apartment
Architect in Charge: Jeff Weng
Location: Taipei, Keelung City, Taiwan
Area: 104.2m2
Project Year: 2017
Photography: Highlite Images

Backlight Apartment was recently completed by 2BOOKS Design in Taipei, Keelung City, Taiwan.

The project is a very common type of apartment in Taiwan, the customer hopes that we can give a solution for the problem of the darkness in the interior space, and provide enough storage for kids toys, picture books and most camping equipments.

Backlight Apartment in Taipei 2

In this regard, we try to use a smaller partition wall to distinguish the space, make it more spacious and open, and the use of wall space to produce storage cabinets, without affecting the daylighting function.

Backlight Apartment in Taipei 2

From the beginning of the discussion, the choice of main material is focus on the use concrete from the original space, and leave it as floor and wall. the light showing a warm and simple feeling through the texture of concrete which is slightly rough . this approach can make reduce tones house feel warmer and more open.

Backlight Apartment in Taipei 3

The aesthetic characteristic of concrete, become more and more important through the development and progress of the case.

Backlight Apartment in Taipei 4

As a reference point, concrete becomes “the driver “who decides all the other materials. The extension part of the facade is made of beige, and the interior is made of grey oak wood. Both of them provide the necessary contrast, warmness and richness for the smooth texture of concrete.

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Backlight Apartment in Taipei 7

Backlight Apartment in Taipei 8

Backlight Apartment in Taipei 9

Backlight Apartment in Taipei 10

Backlight Apartment in Taipei 11

Backlight Apartment in Taipei 12

Backlight Apartment in Taipei 13

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