Architecture and Interior Design StudiosHsu McCulloughBoise House - Alteration to an Existing 1930 Spanish Colonial House

Boise House – Alteration to an Existing 1930 Spanish Colonial House

Boise House

This is a alteration to an existing 1930 Spanish colonial house in Mar Vista, Los Angeles. Boise House was completed by Hsu McCullough, a licensed architecture practice led by principals Peggy Hsu, AIA and Chris McCullough. The project focused on reuse and repurposing of rustic lumber, vintage steel windows, and vintage wood doors as well as introducing contemporary wood cabinetry and bespoke light fixtures. The house was extended with private outdoor living spaces with fire pit and raised decks. Photography by Clark Dugger 

Boise House 1

Boise House 2

Boise House 3

Boise House 4

Boise House 5

Boise House 6

Boise House 8

Boise House 7

Boise House 9

Boise House 10

Boise House 11

Boise House 12

Boise House 13

Boise House 14

Boise House 15

Boise House 21

Boise House 16

Boise House 17

Boise House 18

Boise House 19

Boise House 20

Boise House 22

Boise House 23

Boise House 24

Boise House 25

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