Residential ArchitectureHousesBookshelf House is an Old House Converted into a Light-Filled Residence

Bookshelf House is an Old House Converted into a Light-Filled Residence

Bookshelf House

Italian architect Andrea Mosca has renovated Bookshelf House, an old house near Paris for a family of five who loves books and reading.

Project description: In this project we tried to create a main thread which draws the principles of internal space of this villa to modulate it. This was the key element which now guides the circulations and movements between the various volumes. This carpentered set which acts as a mark in the house allows us to remodel the high volume of the living room, it leads a fluid movement which develops along both levels. So a big bookcase takes shape in the main room to become a functional lifeline which sublimates the existing staircase and finally splits up in isolated elements which bound the office allowing an open intimacy. Photographs by Andrea Mosca

Bookshelf House 1

Bookshelf House 2

Bookshelf House 12

Bookshelf House 4

Bookshelf House 5

Bookshelf House 6

Bookshelf House 3

Bookshelf House 7

Bookshelf House 13

Bookshelf House 9

Bookshelf House 10

Bookshelf House 11

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