Boomerang House / DeForest Architects

Boomerang House / DeForest Architects

Project: Boomerang House
Architects: DeForest Architects
Team: John DeForest, Ted Cameron, Michael Knowles, Freya Johnson, Julie Kim
Interior Design: Pulp Design Studios
Contractor: Toth Construction
Structural: Evergreen Design Company
Landscape: Allworth Design
Location: Lake Washington
Photography: John Granen

A family home on the water, the owners wanted a house that would encourage creating and viewing art; connecting with nature, friends and family. DeForest Architects designed a boomerang shaped plan that nestles into the hillside while framing views of Mt. Rainier and Lake Washington.

Boomerang House / DeForest Architects

Connection to the outdoors
Multi-panel sliding doors provide large openings on the main level. These gather an abundance of daylight as well as blur the line between inside and out. Outdoor spaces are strongly connected to the living areas of the home and provide ample space for social gatherings.

Boomerang House / DeForest Architects

Feeling of movement
A Family Room anchors one end of the home, while a multi-purpose Studio anchors the other. Circulating between these magnet spaces encourages interaction among family and friends, an important quality to the outgoing owners. The ‘boomerang skew’ in the floor plan is a dynamic response for direct views of Mt. Rainier from key spaces in the home. This translates into a feeling of movement in the forms and surfaces of the Boomerang House.

Boomerang House / DeForest Architects

Boomerang House / DeForest Architects

kitchen / DeForest Architects

dining room / DeForest Architects

staircase / DeForest Architects

Boomerang House / DeForest Architects

Boomerang House / DeForest Architects

art studio / DeForest Architects

entrance hall / DeForest Architects

Boomerang House / DeForest Architects

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