Residential ArchitectureApartmentsOne Sanlitun · Bottega Veneta Apartment by CCD

One Sanlitun · Bottega Veneta Apartment by CCD

Bottega Veneta Apartment by CCD

Project name: One Sanlitun · Bottega Veneta Apartment
Location: Topwin Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Client: Beijing Topwin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
Area: 684.39 square meters
Interior design: CCD / Cheng Chung Design
Art consultant: CCD · WOWU Art Consultancy
Lighting design: CCD / Cheng Chung Design
Mechanical & electrical design: CCD / Cheng Chung Design
Completion time: December 2021
Photography: Wang Ting

Stand for those who truly understand

The aesthetics of Bottega Veneta is understated and subtle. Those who understand Bottega Veneta have a confident, elegant and be-self individuality, just as the non-logo fashion house’s famous slogan “When your own initials are enough” expresses. Why spring for designer logos when your own name already carries plenty of clout and elegance?

Bottega Veneta Apartment by CCD

No matter how fickle fashion is, Bottega Veneta, due to its esteemed reputation for artful design and impressive woven leather craftsmanship, and an attitude of not playing into the widespread hype, stays consistently up-to-date on the very latest in high fashion and luxury.

Bottega Veneta Apartment by CCD

Simplicity beyond complexity

“Less is more.” — Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe

Situated at the busiest and prosperous commercial hub of Beijing, One Sanlitun soars up into the sky and enjoys a rare serene ambience. In the skyscraper, CCD conceives a series of luxury serviced apartments themed on century-old brands. The project One Sanlitun · Bottega Veneta is one of those deluxe apartments. Based on the understanding of international top-class luxury homes, CCD incorporates Bottega Veneta’s classical elements and understated aesthetics into the spatial design, to create a luxury yet unpretentious home that pays tribute to classics.

Bottega Veneta Apartment by CCD

Bottega Veneta is known for its ever-lasting design aesthetics. Every object brought into the space inherits Bottega Veneta’s pursuit of refined craftsmanship, and the overall spatial style continues the brand’s precision and understated elegance.

Bottega Veneta Apartment by CCD

floor paln

The design incorporates Bottega Veneta’s classical woven elements into furniture, ornaments and color palette, and shows elaborate layout, details and materials selection. The subtle design details reveal ever-lasting life aesthetics.

Bottega Veneta Apartment by CCD

The entrance foyer is a double-height space, creating a magnificent atmosphere and conveying the pursuit of quality life. The spiral staircase not only connects the upper and lower levels, but also acts as an art installation, with its graceful curves adding dynamic rhythms to the space.

dining area, CCD

The wall veneers beside the staircase draws on Bottega Veneta’s iconic Intrecciato pattern, which highlights a unique style and character while also exploring an integration into modern life so as to a create an exquisite living atmosphere.

Bottega Veneta Apartment by CCD

The large living room is dominated by neutral tones. The suitable mix and match of colors, the superior artworks and furnishings, and the exquisite Italian-style craft, all embody the unique low-key elegant style and modern luxury taste of Bottega Veneta.

home office, CCD

Wine cabinet, fireplace, soft carpet, fine leather, and Bottega Veneta’s classic intertwined elements, endow the home with exquisite and luxury detailing.

Bottega Veneta Apartment by CCD

The super large living & dining area is open, with French windows providing a 270°view to the outdoors and blurring the boundary between interior and outside. The dining room’s design continues Bottega Veneta’s multi-dimensional imagination and artistic aesthetics expressed at the living room. Marble dining table and black chairs are combined with exquisite utensils, producing a simple and elegant visual effect.

floor plan

bedroom, CCD

The soft, delicate leather is a pure expression that represents Bottega Veneta. The woven leather chair shows simple, soft textures and a modern artistic touch. To unify the visual effects, interior lighting fixtures are designed with lampshades that refer to Bottega Veneta’s iconic interwoven pattern. Sunlight filtered into the space along with tactile articles creates a cozy atmosphere. Bedrooms are respectively interpreted by geometric forms, earth tones, and woven leathers, conveying feminine elegance and male gentleness. The tactile fabrics of Bottega Veneta furniture pieces add to the exquisiteness of the space.

bedroom, CCD

Bottega Veneta Apartment by CCD

Bottega Veneta Apartment by CCD

bedroom, CCD

bathroom, CCD

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