Burrito Loco in Prague / Studio Formafatal

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Burrito Loco in Prague, Studio Formafatal

Architect: Studio Formafatal
Project: Burrito Loco
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Realization: July 2017
Photography: Jakub Skokan a Martin Tůma – BoysPlayNice

Burrito Loco is a fast food network focused on Mexican cuisine, which has a long tradition in Prague. The investor has requested studio Formafatal to design interior for this fast food chain, which would be characteristic for all new establishments. The assignment was to transfer the theme of Mexican cuisine to the design of the interior and to apply these elements to a variety of spaces that investors will gradually rent.

Burrito Loco in Prague, Studio Formafatal 1

The concept of the interior (colors and symbols):
Mexico is full of colors. A distinctive feature is variety and glamour. We have kept the same materials and elements in the design of the individual branches but we have chosen different color combinations for each of them. The color palette of the cladding of the corrugated sheet metal, the paintings, the ceramic tiles and also on the chairs is changing.

Burrito Loco in Prague, Studio Formafatal 2

We have intentionally replaced the characteristic Mexican tiles by monochrome tiles and we have brought the touch of Mexico through some symbols typical for Mexico.

Burrito Loco in Prague, Studio Formafatal 3

The essential element is the cactus symbol, which is dominant in the interior and stylized in different forms. Other features include sombreros and garlands. The hanging lights are made of typical Mexican hats. The garlands could not be missing at any Mexican party, so they are hanging on the trees nearby each tin stand with refreshment. There are combined garlands of small light bulbs and garlands decorated with a cut pattern in the Burrito Loco interiors.

Burrito Loco in Prague, Studio Formafatal 4

The sombreros as well as the white plastic garlands are ordered directly from Mexico.

Burrito Loco in Prague, Studio Formafatal 5

The cladding of the corrugated sheet metal symbolizes Mexican residences. The applications on the pillows are in the shape of stylized sun that Burrito Loco has in its logos.

Burrito Loco in Prague, Studio Formafatal 6

Burrito Loco in Prague, Studio Formafatal 7

Burrito Loco in Prague, Studio Formafatal 8

Burrito Loco in Prague, Studio Formafatal 9

Burrito Loco in Prague, Studio Formafatal 10

Burrito Loco in Prague, Studio Formafatal 11

Burrito Loco in Prague, Studio Formafatal 12

Burrito Loco in Prague, Studio Formafatal 13

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