Can Anita Residence: Restoration of a Traditional House in Mallorca

Can Anita residence - restoration of a traditional house in Mallorca (1)

Located in the picturesque village of Deia, from the northern Mallorca, Can Anita residence was recently restored by the architectural studio More. Can Anita was a typical construction of the 60s with lots of small rooms and which almost was neglecting the remarkable potential of the place where it was situated. More architects’ work has focused primarily on the opening of the spaces, removal of unnecessary auxiliaries, consolidation of the house structure and rebuilding of all the electrical, plumbing, heating and mechanical installations.

Can Anita residence

A second phase of the project was working at details, so each area and room have been carefully elaborated. Many materials and objects have been recovered, such as the copper tub that appears in the below photo. Can Anita is relevant for what traditional constructions mean in Mallorca and for the harmony between this architecture and landscape of this island. [Photo via studio More Design]

Old stone house

Can Anita residence - restoration by studio More

Can Anita - restoration

Can Anita renovation

Can Anita - Old stone house

bedroom restoration in a traditional home

restoration in Mallorca

restoration of a traditional house in Mallorca

restoration of a traditional constructions

Can Anita bathroom renovation

copper tub

residence in Mallorca

Can Anita

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