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Casa Luna, Melbourne / Biasol Studio

A feng shui house for peaceful, prosperous living

Casa Luna, Melbourne / Biasol Studio
Casa Luna

Project: Casa Luna
Architecture: Biasol Studio
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Year: 2022
Photo Credits: Timothy Kaye
Text by Biasol Studio

Casa Luna is designed with feng shui principles to optimise the flow of qi (energy) into and through the house for peaceful, prosperous living. Outside, the strong geometric forms are finished with a smooth, light concrete render and textured, dark stained timber.

Casa Luna, Melbourne / Biasol Studio

Inside, tranquil and transcendent spaces have an abundance of natural light, connections to nature and views of the moon and night sky. Generous-sized bedrooms are oriented for quiet yin energy, while living spaces and the master suite are located for active yang energy. The palette also balances and harmonises yin and yang, with deep moody tonal materials suggesting the atmosphere of moonlight, and soft tans and burnt oranges evoking a solar eclipse.

Casa Luna, Melbourne / Biasol Studio

The bathrooms and powder rooms offer heavenly experiences with bold titanium granite and blush-coloured terrazzo. The master ensuite is a private retreat with a secluded terrace through which natural light and landscaping enliven the dark palette and dramatic charcoal grey limestone.

living area

dining room, Biasol Studio

bedroom, Biasol Studio

bathroom, Biasol Studio

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