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Casa O Cuatro / Migdal Arquitectos

Casa O Cuatro - Migdal Arquitectos

Architects: Migdal Arquitectos
Project: Casa O Cuatro
Project Team: Alex Metta, Abraham Metta, Jaime Varon
Collaborators: Levy Levy Arquitectos
Interior Design: Migdal Arquitectos, Alex Metta, Abraham Metta, Jaime Varon
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Photography: Rafael Gamo

Mexican studio Migdal Arquitectos have completed in 2016 Casa O Cuatro, a stunning two-storey residence located in Mexico City, Mexico. Jaime Varon (1965) and Abraham Metta (1966) founded Migdal Arquitectos in 1989 in Mexico City. In 1998, Alex Metta (1973) joined the executive team. All are architecture graduates from the Universidad Iberoamericana.

The Casa O Cuatro residence divides its social and private areas through an interaction of volumes that express a pure geometry, where the upper volume appears to float in space, an effect emphasized by the use of dark stone. The volume becomes more solid without losing its lightness, contrasting with the transparency and light tones of the social area.

Casa O Cuatro - Migdal Arquitectos 2

The house is communicated via a double-height corridor that provides natural illumination to all the spaces.

Casa O Cuatro - Migdal Arquitectos 2

The interior-exterior connection is achieved through doors and terraces, generating a continuous space that employs stone as a material.

Casa O Cuatro - Migdal Arquitectos 3

The garden forms an element for connecting the social spaces, located on the ground floor and reached through large picture windows, together with the basement area comprising gym and games room. The unfolding of the garden succeeds in providing natural lighting and a pleasant view to these spaces. Wood plays an important role, generating warmth and elegance.

Casa O Cuatro - Migdal Arquitectos 4

Sunlight was a key factor in the conception of the project. The glass windows and skylights create large areas lit by natural illumination during most of the day. Insolation is controlled with the use of cantilevers that generate shade and provide a respite from the direct sun.

Casa O Cuatro - Migdal Arquitectos 5

Although the same materials were used throughout all the spaces, each of them was assigned its own personality, while maintaining a consistent language.

Casa O Cuatro - Migdal Arquitectos 6

Casa O Cuatro - Migdal Arquitectos 7

Casa O Cuatro - Migdal Arquitectos 8

Casa O Cuatro - Migdal Arquitectos 9

Casa O Cuatro - Migdal Arquitectos 10

Casa O Cuatro - Migdal Arquitectos 11

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