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Penthouse in Palermo / Studio DiDeA

Penthouse in Palermo Studio DiDeA

Architect : Studio DiDeA
Project: Penthouse in Palermo
Location: Palermo, Italy
Year: 2017
Area: 180 square meters
Contractor: A.G. Group S.r.l.
Photos: ©Studio DiDeA
Budget: € 215.000

Studio DiDeA reconfigures a two levels penthouse in Palermo to create a luminous and spacious house, overlooking the city harbor. The 180 smq apartment is an articulate space where sunlight, an essential colour palette ,and space saving furniture define the project.

Penthouse in Palermo Studio DiDeA 1

Entering the house you approach a double space – on the east side the kitchen and dining room, on the west side the living – separated by a sliding glazed door, which emphasizes the brightness of the house.

Penthouse in Palermo Studio DiDeA 2

In the kitchen, bespoke wood furniture, a marbled countertop that becomes a small table for quick snack, a dining table and a kitchen cupboard delineate the room. The living room is an essential space with white couches, a tv&stereo wood cabinet, and a panoramic view on the city.

Penthouse in Palermo Studio DiDeA 3

By choosing to open up the slab between the two levels, DiDeA made the dining room a higher and wider space, flood with sunlight; the Mooi Random Ligh suspended over the table underlines the double height space.

Penthouse in Palermo Studio DiDeA 4

From the dining room, you can access the night area, composed by the master bedroom with bathroom, the second bathroom, a small laundry and a single room. The wood-clad stair leading up to the second level appears as a distinct and tactile element that emerges as “a vertical bridge “ as DiDeA explains.

Penthouse in Palermo Studio DiDeA 5

On the upper level, a boardwalk conceived as a suspend volume leads to a multifunctional guests room where relaxing, watching tv, or sleeping.

Penthouse in Palermo Studio DiDeA 6

All the furniture of the house is bespoke and designed by DiDeA so as to optimize the space planning, providing with storage where necessary and accomodate any guests.

Penthouse in Palermo Studio DiDeA 7

The choice of material confirms the essential design approach: warm grey gres tiles on the floors, total white for the walls and dark brown of the wood furnitures.

Penthouse in Palermo Studio DiDeA 9

Penthouse in Palermo Studio DiDeA 11

Penthouse in Palermo Studio DiDeA 12

Penthouse in Palermo Studio DiDeA 14

Penthouse in Palermo Studio DiDeA 17

Penthouse in Palermo Studio DiDeA 18

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