Residential ArchitectureApartmentsE-Glue: design for a wonderful universe of children

E-Glue: design for a wonderful universe of children

E-Glue design for kids

As fun it can be the decoration of the child’s room, as important is this mission. The nursery room for the child is more than just a room, it is a universe, an apart world, where the child spends a lot of time, like sleeping, playing or learning. This universe of the child must contribute to his harmonious development, to encourage and foster creativity and imagination that would be so useful to the later adult. Founded in 2006 by the French designers Marielle Baldelli & Sebastien Messerschmidt, E-Glue, is a studio that has proposed to facilitate and mediate the obtaining of this personalized child universe, that is impetuous necessary to attract the child, to stimulate and also delight him. Considering that decorating the walls has a significant impact on the final design, we selected several thematic idea proposed by E-Glue. Different themes, with characters that contribute to an imaginative world, airy and friendly decors, not loaded or tiring for the eyes, which definitely kids will love. The characters loved by children can be every day near them, giving them joy.

E-Glue design for kids (2)

E-Glue design for kids (1)

EGlue design for kids (3)

EGlue design for kids (4)

E-Glue design for kids (5)

E-Glue design for kids (6)

E-Glue design for kids (7)

E-Glue design for kids (8)

EGlue design for kids (9)

EGlue design for kids (10)

EGlue design for kids (11)

EGlue design for kids (12)

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