Product DesignThe Room Studio and GIRA Present ‘The Last Dance’ at Casa Decor...

The Room Studio and GIRA Present ‘The Last Dance’ at Casa Decor 2022

The Room Studio and GIRA Present ‘The Last Dance’ at Casa Decor 2022

The Room Studio and GIRA present ‘The Last Dance’ at Casa Decor 2022, a space that is transformed according to your mood.

One more year, the interior design and decoration studio The Room Studio returns to Casa Decor by the hand of GIRA, the German home automation firm with which they were winners of Casa Decor 2021. For this 30th edition, they present a space called “The Last Dance” that explores the possibilities of home automation and the multifunctionality of the same place.

Creating an enveloping and multipurpose space
For this 30th anniversary, The Room Studio and GIRA are committed to creating an enveloping space that embraces you, invites you to stay and provides you with well-being, as well as a multipurpose space that can be located in a hotel lobby, in a private home or in a public place. The idea of transforming the space is present at all times thanks to the fusion of home automation and interior design, which makes this possible. For this project, the idea is to create a space that can function as a cocktail bar, a screening room or a serene library. Everything will depend on the scene or the mood of its visitors, who will be able to transform the place into whatever they want.

The Room Studio and GIRA Present ‘The Last Dance’ at Casa Decor 2022

The importance of natural materials and craftsmanship
One of the keys to The Room Studio’s projects is to incorporate natural materials and the transformation of these in an artisanal and educated way. In this line, for Casa Decor 2022 we work with different variables, from natural chestnut wood, with its linen wall coverings, to natural stone such as dove white and campaspero, creating delicate shapes and structures and playing with a chromatic palette of earth tones that cover the space in a harmonious and sinuous way. For its part, the white clay mortar complements the rest of the space, producing a necessary calm vision.

One of the protagonist pieces of the space is the totem in viola calacatta stone, a jewel made by hand with different textures and finishes, which becomes the central axis of the space and has various uses: from a bar to a simple reception, depending on the use that you want to give it.

The Room Studio and GIRA Present ‘The Last Dance’ at Casa Decor 2022

On the other hand, in the counterbar we find another type of natural stone, the campaspero, a clear and irregular stone, whose textures and forms designed by The Room Studio, which can be used as a shelf, cocktail bar, library… Without a doubt, this piece becomes an important part of the space and its reflection on the ceiling, thanks to the arrangement of the mirror, produces the sensation of being in an infinite and surprisingly scenographic space, which creates a strong visual attraction.

The other elements present in this space are the imposing 170 cm long Tekio decorative lamp by Santa&Cole made of Japanese paper, the curved sofa and stools designed by the studio with textiles by Güell Lamadrid, the low table, a Danish piece by Fermliving and three one-piece polished aluminum stools by the American firm Emeco, arranged along the bar, which create a relaxed visual effect, without transforming the space, simply accompanying it.

Finally, we find an artistic piece, always present in the projects of The Room Studio. On this occasion, it is a wall drawing, a design by Pol Puigdomènech made in clay mortar, like the rest of the walls and ceiling.

The Room Studio and GIRA Present ‘The Last Dance’ at Casa Decor 2022

Lighting, a key piece in the space
In addition to natural materials and craftsmanship, in the space presented at Casa Decor 2022 by GIRA and The Room Studio, the use of light and the entire lighting project that accompanies the place, programmed through GIRA’s home automation system, is of great importance, allowing the creation of very particular and different lighting scenes, providing an orderly and harmonious scenography to the space. It was very important to offer strong lighting contrasts and different purposes so that this would be a place open to change and transformation.

The Room Studio always looks for the serene look and the complexity hidden behind a good basic interior design, in which everything is thought out, nothing is left to chance and even the smallest detail is important. The Casa Decor 2022 project is a reflection of all this. welcome!

The Room Studio and GIRA Present ‘The Last Dance’ at Casa Decor 2022

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