Residential ArchitectureLoftsChiswick Loft Apartment / Milward Teverini

Chiswick Loft Apartment / Milward Teverini

Chiswick Loft Apartment

Milward Teverini, a design practice founded by Andrea Milward and Alison Teverini, has designed Chiswick Loft Apartment in London for a young couple.

The brief for this project involved completely reconfiguring the space inside this industrial warehouse style building to form an apartment with a large airy living space, one spacious bedroom, two bathrooms and an office mezzanine level. The client wanted a clean lined contemporary feel, but with warmth, texture and industrial styling. The space features a bespoke kitchen, cabinetry throughout and paneled wall detailing in the hallway and master bedroom, designed by Milward Teverini.

Chiswick Loft Apartment 1

Chiswick Loft Apartment 2

Chiswick Loft Apartment 3

Chiswick Loft Apartment 4

Chiswick Loft Apartment 8

Chiswick Loft Apartment 5

Chiswick Loft Apartment 7

Chiswick Loft Apartment 8

Chiswick Loft Apartment 9

Chiswick Loft Apartment 10

Chiswick Loft Apartment 11 Chiswick Loft Apartment 12

Chiswick Loft Apartment 13

Chiswick Loft Apartment 14

Chiswick Loft Apartment 15

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