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Clay Heaters and Fireplaces for Fairytales Houses

Clay heaters and fireplaces

I honestly tell you that, when looking at the work of the artists from Inderwies Keramik, I wonder which words to use in order to describe the beauty and the warmth they, literally or figuratively, release. I have never imagined that some heaters and fireplaces may have such an extraordinary force of attraction. Sometimes words are inessential and beauty has no need of them to distinguish itself in all its plenitude.

Clay heaters and fireplaces

Inspired by nature or by the work of the Catalan artist Antoni Gaudi or those of the Austrian painter and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the team from Inderwies Keramik succeeds by their clay heaters and fireplaces to give to beauty a fairytale exposure.

Their work belongs to the Art Nouveau style, by round or organic shapes, curbed lines that give a feeling of soft and natural. The heaters are meant to resist to any fashion trend and may be very personal and reflect an atemporal harmony. An oven is an important component of a house and it can be adapted to individual needs, combined with the personality of the people living in the house.

These works are entirely made of natural materials; ceramic clay and the palette of colors and design make possible an infinite number of approaches. Behind the beautifully modeled clay shapes there is also an efficient, durable and healthy heating system. A crackling wood fire and generously welcoming warm heater are all we need in a winter day in order to rediscover calmness, comfort and complete relaxation!

Clay heaters

Projected without corners or edges, the curbed forms of the fireplaces Inderwies seem harmonious and vivacious. The heaters and fireplaces are solid and highly efficient, maintaining warmth for a long time. They can also be connected to solar panels and geothermal systems and permit heating water. They are built taking into consideration the protection of the environment but also saving from our wallets. I leave you in the company of the images that can certainly tell more than I could!

Clay heaters and fireplaces for fairytales houses

Clay Heaters and Fireplaces

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