Product DesignModular Shelving System - Build by Movisi

Modular Shelving System – Build by Movisi

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Briefly, Design and Build is the invitation sent by the German company Movisi once with the realization of BUILD modular shelving system. This system allows an endless variety of configurations and shapes, based on a single type of modular element. Through its mounting and the creative combination of these modules, shelves or partition walls can be formed. These items of furniture are easy to install and can be reconfigured in minutes, if it is needed. Just as easily, the elements can be removed and packed if you have to transport or move them. With a little more creativity these modules can perform other functions too, for example, as a chair, table or storage box. BUILD is emission free, toxic free, odourless, allergy friendly and 100% recyclable. For the moment, this modular shelving system is available in two sizes and colours, black and white, which can be mixed and matched as each one desires.

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How does it work?
Flexible, mobile and multifunctional furniture: BUILD is easy to install and can be reconfigured in minutes, which means that you can give your home or office a new look or function anytime.
When moving home, BUILD is easily disassembled, your belongings are instantly packed and ready to move. Each unit stacks on top of another, locking securely in space.

It grows with you
Each BUILD unit is identical, allowing you to extend the system by adding units as you move into bigger houses, buy more books, DVDs etc.

BUILD, Movisi

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Movisi, design

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